International Call Rates & Packages for Jazz User

International Call Rates & Packages for Jazz User. There are a significant number of Pakistanis currently residing in other nations for a variety of reasons. In light of the fact that everyone wants to maintain contact with his or her family, “Jazz” gave its customers reduced prices for making international phone calls.

The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Jazz International Call Rate Packages will each be broken down and explained in this post.

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Rates and Packages for Jazz International Calls, Available Daily, Weekly, and Monthly:

In conjunction with the beginning of the new year, “Jazz” has also revised the international calling prices and package options available in a number of different and significant countries around the world. The following table provides all of the relevant information.

Rates for Landline and Jazz Calls to International Destinations:

These are only available to landline customers:


UAE                                       PKR 31

UK                                          PKR 4

USA                                         PKR4

UZBEKISTAN                      PKR 19

AFGHANISTAN                  PKR 38

AUSTRALIA                        PKR 3

AZERBAIJAN                    PKR 25

BAHRAIN                            PKR 12

BANGLADESH                  PKR 14

BELGIUM                            PKR 3

CANADA                              PKR 4

DENMARK                          PKR 3

GERMANY                          PKR 3

INDIA                                    PKR 7

INDONESIA                        PKR 12

IRAN                                      PKR 31

IRAQ                                      PKR 25

OMAN                                    PKR 25

QATAR                                  PKR 38

SAUDI ARABIA                  PKR 11

Jazz Rates for Calling International Numbers:

The following is a list of the calling rates for mobile phones offered by Jazz in various countries throughout the world:

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Country:Landline Rates
UzbekistanPKR 19
AfghanistanPKR 38
AustraliaPKR 12
AzerbaijanPKR 38
BahrainPKR 12
BangladeshPKR 14
BelgiumPKR 19
Jazz International Call Rates And Packages

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