Introduction to Chapter No 1 of 11th Biology

Introduction to Chapter No 1 of 11th Biology. A brief introduction to the eleventh chapter of Biology, number 1 MCQs, short questions, and long questions are all forms of questions. The biology notes for the first year of class 11 taught by the Punjab Board are accessible in pdf format. Lecture notes for the first chapter in the first year of Biology. Previous questions and examinations from the Board have been used for all of the multiple-choice questions and response options. While all of the notes for unit 1 have been updated to reflect the new Punjab Board study pattern for the academic year 2021–2022, they are all included below.

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MCQs for 11th Biology Chapter 1:

In this area, you will get 11th Biology Chapter No. 1. These questions were selected from previous years’ FSC yearly test papers administered by the Punjab Boards. resolved through use of the internet Questions based on the first chapter of Biology covered in the first year of study Below are some instances of multiple-choice questions. When it comes to the Biology test that is given once a year, these are the best multiple-choice questions to use as practise.

The study of the evolutionary past of living beings is what this field is all about.
Molecular biology
Ecology is the study of the interactions between living things and the environments in which they live.
Molecular biology
Environmental biology
a + c
What proportion of the carbon in the list of bioelements has been around for how long?
1 percent
3 percent
10 percent 18 percent
Which one of these bio-elements is the most prevalent?
Ecosystem Population is formed when individuals of the same species come together.

In a similar vein, Biology Notes of MCQs for the 11th class that can be used for practise and preparation of the annual test for the F.S.C. Punjab Boards in Pakistan.

Which of these does not belong to the group of micromolecules?
The entirety of the plant’s organism is created by the interaction of its several systems.

Unit 1 of 11 Class Biology Notes MCQs:

1st-year Biology multiple choice questions that have been solved per chapter and include the answers. All of the MCQs were taken from older versions of Punjab’s board exams.

How old are the majority of living organisms that are classified as fungi, algae, protists, and prokaryotes, respectively?
4 percent
9 percent
53 percent 6 percent
Which one of these is not an approach for the control of disease?
treatment for drugs
Vaccination | Immunization
Protection from potential danger
Which of the diseases has been completely wiped out across the globe as a result of the widespread use of vaccinations?
What type of chemical pollutant or effluent is being released into the environment by tanning facilities?
Cloning is not a procedure that occurs naturally in animals at any time.
Cloning, which is accomplished through the process of tissue culture, allows for the reproduction of transgenic plant material.
Genetic engineering
The egg cell is the source of the nucleus that is extracted during the cloning technique.
Sperm cell
Somatic cell
Free sexual contact is the mode of transmission of HIV.
The transfer of blood
syringes that have been contaminated

To download the complete answer key for all of the questions, please click here. This page covers the 11th grade Biology unit.

11th Biology Short Questions:

These are the most significant brief questions that were asked during FSC Part 1 Biology. All of the questions come from previous Punjab Board examinations.

  1. Define bioremediation and biological control
  2. What do the acronyms AIDS and HIV stand for?
  3. Please name two different approaches that are used to treat cancer. Also, define each
  4. Give a definition of cloning. What exactly does it mean to have an integrated illness management?
  5. Give a definition of the hypothesis and describe two different approaches to its development.
  6. Please define the fields of biotechnology and parasitology.
  7. Using specific instances, differentiate between organs and tissues.

Unit 1: Long Questions:

The following are the most critical and lengthy questions from the first unit.

Describe the efforts that are made to preserve and safeguard the environment.

In a similar vein, if you need additional study material, you can get everything you need on the site’s homepage. Visit the 11th Biology category to find the answer keys to all of these multiple-choice and short questions.

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