Islamiat Notes 11th Class In Urdu Pdf Download

Islamiat Notes 11th Class In Urdu Pdf Download. We know that you want Islamiat Notes in Urdu for the First Year for the Punjab Boards. So, you don’t have to worry about the 11th-grade Islamiat notes because we have uploaded them here. There are multiple-choice questions. Short questions, and long, detailed questions for each chapter in these Islamic study notes for inter part 1. You can get these notes in both Urdu and PDF format. Which makes it easy for you to download them and read them whenever you want.

Even though Islamiat is not nearly as hard as religious studies. It is a fact that only a small number of students have trouble with it. There is a chance that they will have to do work for. Which they were not able to learn enough about the subject. Since you now have all of its notes, there is no reason for you. To think about anything else about it. Besides how you will approach this topic. If you use these Islamiyat notes for the 11th class. You will be much better prepared to pass this subject or, at the very least, do well enough in it to get good grades.

1st Year Urdu Medium Islamiat Notes:

These notes will prove to be quite helpful to students who are in their first year. The First Year Islamiat course is divided into two parts: the first part is comprised of four chapters, while the second part is made up of Ahdees and Ayat. The very first chapter of Islamiat is called Aqaid-e-Islam, the second chapter is called Islami Tashkas, the third chapter is called Haqooq-ul-Ibad, and the fourth chapter is called Masharti Zimedarian.

The Taaruf-e-Quran-o-Hadees, the Qurani Ayaat, and the Muntikhib Ahadees make up the second section of the book. We complied with the board’s requirements and submitted the Islamiat notes for class 11. Contains solved exercises, review questions, MCQs, critical board questions and chapter overview.

Islamiat Notes 11th Class,The following notes have been compiled using the course outline provided by the Punjab Boards for FSC Part 1. None of the other boards, with the exception of Punjab, use the notes for the first year of Islamiat.

Islamiat Notes 11th Class,In conclusion, I’d want to assure you that we put a lot of effort into making these notes as helpful as possible for you. However, if you do identify any errors, you are more than welcome to offer suggestions on how it might be improved. In addition, if you found that the information presented here was helpful to you in any way, we ask that you please spread the word about it among your friends.

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