Jazz Call Package Code 2 Hours 2023

Jazz Call Package Code 2 Hours 2023. Subscription Code: *555# Un-Subscription code: *320*4# For just Rs 7.99, you may check your status by dialling *320*2#. The Jazz network in Pakistan is superior than any other organisations that are still operating there. It is also referred to as the lord of the Pakistani Telecom sector because it is a network that is of the highest calibre in terms of both its cost and its speed.

The Jazz Telecommunication Network is remarkable in both its speed and its quality. In addition, the quantity of its customers surpasses that of a wide variety of other businesses.

Today, we will provide you with information regarding Jazz two-hour call packages, including the packages’ codes, prices, and further details, such as how to check your membership status and withdraw membership codes.

Jazz Call Package Code 2 Hours 2023. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to jazz call bundles that are two hours long. You will be shown each and every one of them in this post. Read the entire article and then make your selection whether you want to continue with the jazz two-hour call bundle.

If you dial *430#, you would be eligible to receive Rs 390 worth of administration for the ‘Jazz Monthly Call Package 1000 Minutes’ in exchange for Rs 10,000 worth of minutes and 1000 MBs. You can also check the status of the pack by dialling *430*2# on your telephone keypad. You must dial *430# and enter the bundle number in order to obtain the advancement. You do not need to pay anything extra to make use of any of these benefits because they are all included in the price of your Jazz membership.

Jazz International Call Rates for Landlines:

These are restricted to people who already have a landline.

LANDLINE RATES is the Country That This Refers To.

United Arab Emirates, PKR 31

UK                                          PKR 4

PKR4 for the United States of America

UZBEKISTAN                      PKR 19

AFGHANISTAN                  PKR 38

AUSTRALIA                        PKR 3

AZERBAIJAN                    PKR 25

BAHRAIN                            PKR 12

BANGLADESH                  PKR 14

BELGIUM                            PKR 3

CANADA PKR 4 is the reference number.

DENMARK                          PKR 3

GERMANY                          PKR 3

7 points for India against 7 for Pakistan

INDONESIA PKR 12 is the designation for this race.

IRAN                                      PKR 31

Iraqi Kurdish Dinar 25

OMAN                                    PKR 25

QATAR                                  PKR 38

SAUDI ARABIA                  PKR 11

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