Kips Early Prep Unit 1 for the NMDCAT Biology Test with Answer Keys

Kips Early Prep Unit 1 for the NMDCAT Biology Test with Answer Keys. Kips nmdcat Biology and Genetics The exam for the early preparation is described in chapter 1. Kip’s nmdcat Biology Unit 1 with Answer Keys. Getting ready for the NMDCAT 2022 kIPS.

Kips First Biology Exam for the NMDCAT:

These are some examples of multiple-choice questions from Kips’ early preparation.

Entity tests
The presence of ribosomes in the mitochondrial matrix indicates that they are involved into
A. Replication
B. Translation
C. Reverse transcription
D. Transcription

In the case of plant cells, the nucleus is pushed towards the periphery due to the presence of.
A. Mitochondria
B. Golgi bodies
C. Vacuole
D. Endoplasmic reticulum

Gbyusssomes rely upon to provide energy for the germination of seedlings.
A. Vitamins

B. Glycogen
C. Succinate
D. Fatty acids

The membrane which surrounds the vacuole is called:
A. Plasmalemma
B. Cell wall
C. Tonoplast
D. Cistemae

It is the best description of the function performed by peroxisomes:
A. H:O: Destruction
B. Detoxification of heavy metals
C. Conversion of fats to carbohydrates
D. Oxidative phosphorylation

These are absent in prokaryotic chromosome:
A. Phosphate groups
B. Double-stranded DNA
C. Histone proteins
D. Pentose sugar

Component of cell membrane which is present in all cells except bacteria:
A. Phospholipids
B. Sterols
C. Globular proteins
D. Carbohydrates

Which of the following is not found in eukaryotic cells?
A. Mesosome
C. Nucleus
B. Labor of division
D. Tubulin

The enzyme common in both glyoxysome and peroxisome is:
A. Pyruvate decarboxylase
C. Glycolic acid catalase
B. Hydrolase
D. Glycolic acid oxidase

NMDCAT Early Prep Multiple Choice Questions 2022:

Chemically, peptidoglycan is composed of all of the following except:
A. Polysaccharides
B. Glycans
C. Short Amino acid chains
D. Proteins

av-Sach’s disease mostly affects which of the following organ in the human body?
A. Liver
B. Kidneys
C. Brain
D. Muscles

Which of the following mechanism needs energy in the form of ATP?
A. Facilitated diffusion
B. Diffusion
C. Osmosis
D. Endocytosis

Identify the correct statement:
A. Nucleus is visible in non-dividing cells only
B. RBCs have many nuclei
C. Egg cell has less number of nuclear pores
D. Chromosome is composed of DNA and negatively charged histones

The connection between nucleoplasm and cytoplasm is:
A. Nuclear envelope
C. Nuclear pore
C. Nuclear membrane
D. Nucleolus

First Unit of Biology Test Preparation

The Answer Keys for the Kips Early Prep 2022 Biology Unit 3 Test

Kips get a head start on studying Biology for the PMC NMDCAT session in 2022. The PDF answer key for Test #3 is available for download.

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