KIPS Topic Wise Test NMDCAT Biology With Answer Keys

KIPS Topic Wise Test NMDCAT Biology With Answer Keys. Kips nmdcat Biology subject wise test 7 with all questions answered and complete solutions. Kips Academy’s Lahore Campus is offering an early preparation session for the mudcat 2022 exam. Each topic test comes with a solution in pdf format. Kip’s exam organized by topic Discussion of biology’s animal and plant life.

Biology KIPS NMDCAT Topical Test:

Here are some sample MCQs from nmdcat Biology topic-wise test.

Life prises in Animals & Plants (Transport In Plants and Animals)
Q.1 Root hair are the extremums of:
A. Pencycle
B. Epidermis
D. I’arenchyma

0.2 Which of the following pathway of water conduction is interrupted by endodermis?
A. Vascular pathway
B. Symplant pathway
C. Aroplast pathway
D. All A, B, C

Q- It separates rafracellular space In ruot Into two compartments:
A Cones
B. Plasmsdesmata
C. l’ericycle
D). Casparian strips

0.4 lile the main factor that k Involved in the uptake of water to aerial parts of plants:
A Cohesion
B. Transpiration pull
C. Imbibitinn
D. Rod pressure

0-5 If a plant absorbed 10 liters of water per day, then what will be the amount of water used by the plant for its metabolism?
1.0.1 liter
B. Sliten
C. 1 liter
D. 9 liters

Q.6 In plants, facilitated diffusion helps in the transport of minerals scrow the cell
membrane by using:
A Phospholipids
D. Membrane protein
C. Cholesterol molecules
D. Membrane carbohydrates

Q.7 It le the attraction among water molecules that holds them together within the
xylem tube:
A Tension
B. Adhesion
C. Cohesion
D. Imbibition

Q.8 Stomata open due to _of K Into guard cell.
A Diffusion
B.Active transport
C. Facilitated diffusion

Q.9 The hormone which reduces the rate of transpiration by stopping K* Inſur into the
guard cells:
An Auxins
B. Cytokinins
C. Giherellins
D. Abicide xid

Biology KIPS NMDCAT Topical Test:

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