Lahore Cadet College Admission 2022

Lahore Cadet College Admission 2022. Every man has a strong desire to serve his country in the military. Cadet college provides pupils with a platform from which they can pursue a career in the military. Essentially, the purpose of cadet college is to prepare pupils to survive in the military environment. The Cadet College Lahore has chosen to start a new batch in the year 2022, just as it has done in the past years. Admissions to the Cadet College Lahore have also been notified as a result of this. Those students who wish to be considered for admission to Cadet College Lahore should submit an application.

Procedures for Admission and Selection:

The Cadet College Lahore Admissions 2022 Form can be obtained by clicking on the link provided below. The prospectus is available at the college for Rs. 2000/-, and if you want to send the admission form over the mail, you will be charged an additional Rs. 300 as postage fees by the college administration.

Eligibility Criteria:

Primary CadetsGrade K.G  to  IVAge 5 to 10 years
Junior CadetsGrade V    to  VIIAge 10 to 12 years
Senior CadetsGrades VIII, IX, & XAge 12 to 15 years

Fee Structure Cadet College Lahore 2022:

Registration Fee: Rs. 5000/-
Admission Fee: Rs. 5000/-

Basic Fee6000Boarding Charges5000Day Boarding5000
Day Boarding5000Messing Charges5000Messing3400
Evening Program5000Sundry Exp.5000Miscellaneous1600

Admission Offer:

Cadet College Lahore will offer admission to those students who place high enough on the merit list at the university. The age of the participants is taken into consideration in this merit ranking. Students can submit an application for the Cadet College Lahore through our website. This service is open at all times, and students can submit their applications at any time up to the deadline. Admissions are now being accepted for students in the sixth through ninth grades. Students can be admitted to Cadet College Lahore if they meet the prerequisites of the institution; else, they will be denied entrance.

Cadet College Lahore:

However, the results of Cadet College Lahore for any prior year are also available for students to view; however, the results for the year 2022 have been uploaded following the announcement. When the Cadet College Lahore results are revealed, we upload them immediately so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them. Admission to Cadet College Lahore is contingent on passing an entrance examination. In order to begin preparing for the Cadet College Lahore admittance test, students should go to, which provides all of the necessary materials for the test preparation.

Entry Tests:

All previous entry tests for Cadet College Lahore have been archived here for your convenience. Students who wish to receive all of the latest news and information from Cadet College Lahore on a timely basis may bookmark this page. If they are linked, any news that we post will be instantly shown to them, allowing the students to access it more quickly and simply. It provides students with the ability to obtain all of the necessary information about Cadet College Lahore in a convenient and organized manner.

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