LG IMS stopped repairs 1 Minute 2022

LG IMS stopped repairs 1 Minute 2022.The LG IMS protocol is no longer supported. I’m sorry to say that there is no solution to fix lg ims. Altering the message settings and deleting or clearing the cache are two other things. You may do to fix this problem with the year 2022, in addition to checking for software updates. This problem may have been caused by a cache that has been corrupted. Problems with mobile data or WiFi-related internet connection, or both.

What exactly is LG IMS?

LG IMS, which stands for IP Multimedia Subsystem, is a technical framework that makes it possible. To offer voice over internet protocol (VoIP), calling over Wi-Fi, and other multimedia services. Like video calling and messaging over the internet through an IP network.

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Users say that there are a number of problems with LG IMS that need to be fixed. The most frustrating thing that can happen to a user is to keep getting an error message that says “Unfortunately, LG IMS has stopped.” There is a chance that using LG IMS will cause the battery to die, the location to be turned on automatically, and a lot of mobile data to be used. In the paragraphs that follow, you can read about each of them in more detail.

We are unable to get LG IMS, which is a great shame. An error notice that reads “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped” is one that frequently appears on LG products like as the G series, stylo, and wing. When you are working on an important job, you will be notified of your progress via this message.

Fix step by step 2022 has been taken off lg ims:

If you have any idea how to fix this issue, take a close look at the list that’s been provided below. How to resolve issues such as “ims service keeps stopping” or “lg ims keeps stopping 2022”


Customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the LG IMS, claiming that it causes their batteries to run down more quickly. Using LG IMS services like as VoLTE and WiFi calling quickly reduces the amount of time a battery can last. Users of smartphones have complained that the system programme known as com.lge.ims wastes their power. This is due to the fact that it is one of the top five most power-hungry apps on their devices.

Location Of The Auto-On

When you establish a continuous WiFi communication using your smartphone, LG IMS will automatically enable location services on your device. It doesn’t matter who made your smartphone, who your cellular service provider is, what operating system your phone uses (Android, iOS, etc.), or any of the other aspects (LG, Samsung, etc.)

When you dial 911 from your smartphone, the operators on the other end of the line won’t be able to detect your specific position if the Android Emergency Position Service is turned off or unavailable. It’s possible that your carrier will divulge your whereabouts to the authorities.

Data use

Your bandwidth may be rapidly depleted if you often use Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and WiFi calling in addition to LG Internet Messaging Service (IMS), which does not take a significant amount of mobile data by itself.
When both VoLTE and WiFi are engaged in the background, calls that are made using com.lge.ims need less data than calls that are made using VoLTE and WiFi. If you limit certain aspects of your mobile data usage, it will last longer for you.

Uninstall New Apps

The LG IMS error notice is typically triggered by a recently installed or updated application on your device. To check for newly installed or updated programmes, select the Settings > Applications menu item from the main menu.

After determining which component of the software is causing the issue, the troublesome programme has to be deleted.

Turn off the LG IMS

Because the LG IMS is installed, your phone may now make calls using VoLTE and WiFi simultaneously. In the event that the IMS service is disabled, both VoLTE and WiFi Calling will become inoperable. If none of the ways described earlier work, you can give this one a shot and hope for the best. Following are the steps necessary to disable LG’s Internet Messaging Service.

You may access the Hidden menu by entering the code 277634#*# into the appropriate field.
When presented with the available options, choose “Field test.”
Tap on the associated menu item in order to pick the Modem Settings option from the available options.
Simply hit the button next to the option you want to use to activate or deactivate VoLTE.
Restart your mobile device and disable IMS.

Clear com.lge.ims App Cache

If this is the case, the app cache on your smartphone may have been damaged, which would explain why you are getting this alert. If that is the case, you may try clearing the cache to see if it helps the situation. You may be able to fix this problem by erasing the data stored in the cache associated with the com.lge.ims application.

Navigate to the item on the menu labelled Settings.
From the Apps menu, select the one that best suits your needs.
If you look in the top right corner of the screen, you should see a symbol that looks like three vertical dots. This is the location of the menu. Make sure you get your hands on it.
Make your selection from the option labelled Show System Applications.
It is recommended that the com.lge.ims protocol be looked for, and after it has been located, that it be interacted with.
Choose Storage from the available options on the menu.
You are able to choose it by using your finger to hit the “Clear Cache” button that is displayed on the screen.

If the IP version of your device is presently IPV6V4, you will need to enter the Hidden menu in order to update it to IPV4V6. If the IP version is currently IPV6V4, you will need to upgrade it to IPV4V6. You can accomplish this by following the instructions given in the previous sentence.

Utilize the Strategy:

If you try to utilize this strategy, you can receive the message “Unfortunately, LG IMS has Stopped.” To prevent this from occurring, you may use the “Airplane Mode” setting on your smartphone, which is sometimes referred to as the “Flight mode” setting.
In order to access the Hidden menu, enter the following combination of numbers on your keypad: 277634#*#.
Touch the item in the list that has the title “IP Version” once you have located it there and determined what it is.
Change the IP Version option so that it reads “IPV4V6” rather than the current setting of “IPV6V4” This is the fourth and last stage of the treatment.
Put the device into the normal mode. After carrying out the steps in this guide, you should no longer see the alert about the issue that had been popping up on your mobile device.

Factory Reset Your Phone

When you do a factory reset on your phone, all of the data on it will be deleted, and it will revert to the settings that were there when it was first purchased. If the initial few troubleshooting steps do not help to resolve the error message, you should be able to solve the issue by resetting the device to its factory settings. Make sure that your data has been backed up to Google Drive before you restart your smartphone. After you have made a backup of your data, you should reset your Android smartphone to its factory settings.

Navigate to the item on the menu labelled Settings.
In the second step, you will need to tap the General menu choice in order to choose it. Choose “Reset” from the menu to begin.
Choose the option that allows you to use your finger to return the settings to their original factory defaults.
After clicking the “Reset” option, you may now be asked to enter your personal identification number (PIN) or password.
Tap either the “Delete everything” or the “Wipe Data” button on your phone in order to do a factory reset.

Custom ROM

This error message may be removed from the display by flashing the device’s original operating system, commonly known as the ROM (also known as the stock firmware). Because it is a challenging method, you shouldn’t make use of it until you’ve tried everything else and there is nothing else left to do. Only then should you consider using it.

You also have the option of installing a Custom ROM on your mobile device; however, if you ask me, using the Stock ROM is the best choice you can make. The Stock ROM is the software that was developed by the company that was responsible for creating your device, so using it won’t present you with any challenges. You may install a Custom ROM on your smartphone by making use of a piece of software for your computer that is referred to as a flashing tool.

Uninstall Just Recently Changed

After updates or new programmes have been installed, the LG IMS dialogue may appear at inopportune moments, which may be very annoying. When you enter the settings, you will see a list of all of the programmes that have been installed. You may also check here to see if any of the programmes have gotten updates or newer instals since you last visited this page. After it is done, there should be no further instances of the message issue occurring at any time.

Modifying the IP Address

To access the hidden menu, enter the following code using your keypad: 277634#*#. When you locate the choice, click on the “IP Version” button.
Choose “IPV4V6” instead of the more challenging “IPV6V4” protocol. After you have completed making your options from the hidden menu, you will be able to start flight mode. However, if the notice “Unfortunately LG IMS has ceased” continues to show, you will need to disable it.

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