LND Monthly Test LND Guidance LND SLOs Download 2023

LND Monthly Test LND Guidance LND SLOs Download 2023. LND Advice The Punjab government is running an LND SLOs: Literacy and Numeracy Drive (education department). In order to assess pupils’ development in Punjabi schools. The Punjabi language was included as a separate topic in the test for the first time in 2015. Literacy and Numeracy Drive LND is implementing Punjab School Education. In this area, the PITB Punjab IT Board is also involved.

Students in class 3rd in Punjab’s Government and PEF schools take the LND Test. This test is used to assess and evaluate the development of pupils in government schools. The LND test considers the highly vital and necessary. MEAs (Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants) administer the LND test to grade 3 pupils. MEA administers the exam using a smartphone or iPad. The gadget includes an application. These examinations assess each school’s development. LND evaluated instructors’ performance. Whether or whether a high-quality education is provided. The most crucial thing is to understand the structure and curriculum of LND. Here you will find LND Guidance, LND SLOs, LND Practice Tests, and a pattern for the most reputable professors.

Our team presents LND statistics, LND Guidance, and LND SLOs to help students and instructors solve problems. The LND Test is the major difficulty that has arisen for teachers. Our teachers appear concerned about this. Our staff worked tirelessly to resolve the problem. The material and LND Guidance will be extremely beneficial to both instructors and students. The LND Guidance and LND SLOs are discussed in this section. This is the most inconvenient for instructors.

LND Exam Pattern:

The exam consists of seven multiple-choice questions in English, Urdu, and Mathematics. Approximately 6 or 7 kids from each school’s class 3 are chosen for LND.

  • The LND Test is required for all third-grade students.

Teachers should instill a strong sense of awareness in their pupils in order to get the greatest results. Teachers should also improve their intellectual level while motivating and practicing their pupils.


Schools will be expected to hold teacher-training sessions prior to administering these examinations. In order for all instructors to be conversant with SLO. Furthermore, teachers will provide ample time in class to properly learn each objective before beginning to teach it in their classes. The exam series begins with an online diagnostic test comprised of 12 learning objectives that aid in the identification of areas of strength and weakness for each grade level.

SLOs in LND English:

  • Identify the action words based on the photographs.
  • Understanding (Reading the paragraph and answering the questions).
  • Punctuation in accordance with the guidelines (Question marks, full stop, and Capitalization).
  • Determine the proper spelling.
  • Use of the pronouns is/am/are.
  • Use of the adverbs has/have.
  • Emphasis
  • Use of the adverbs was/were.
  • Words without meaning
  • Nouns, both common and proper.

SLOs for LND Mathematics:

  • Add three or more digits to the numbers. Carry three or more digit numbers.
  • Increase the number by three or more digits. Carry numbers with three or more digits.
  • Division
  • Solve a real-world problem that involves addition and subtraction.
  • Take the time from the clock and write it down.
  • Within a multiplication table, multiplication.
  • Within a multiplication table, divide.

Urdu SLOs in LND :

Tricks and techniques for doing the LND Test:

Sometimes it is tough for students to grasp the question. The kids are unable to perform adequately. For better performance and a high LND test score. You should learn from your students.

Download LND Quality Documents:

In addition, you can have monthly exams. I hope these files will be very beneficial to you. Thank you for stopping by our website today. We anticipate additional visits from you in the future to get the study materials.

The PDF LND Booklets:

  1. Download the LND Booklet to practice

Download the LND Monthly Tests in PDF Format

  1. March, 2022 LND Test

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