Math Scheme 1st Year According To All Punjab Boards 2022

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According to Punjab Education Boards, the first year mathematics scheme for fsc 11th class part 1 is 2022. We’ve created a thorough and personalised matching scheme below to assist pupils who are studying for the forthcoming 11th grade test. It is also critical that students study this material as thoroughly as possible before taking any subsequent tests, because every detail will come in useful when you need it the most! So, to go one step ahead, make sure you’re prepared and take note of all the topics specified in pairing scheme 2022 Mathematics. This math pairing/study plan 2022 is open to students from all provinces in Punjab.

2022 1st Year Mathematics Scheme:

The purpose of presenting this partnering strategy for first-year math (Punjab Boards) was to help students schedule their study more efficiently. They could identify which chapters they needed to study and answer these questions by examining at this planned 1st year math (Board: Punjab) matching system, 2022. Students will also be able to determine the amount of multiple-choice questions, short questions, and lengthy questions they will be required to answer depending on the various subjects presented in class, allowing them to choose which sections require additional attention when it is time to write an exam. Following these rules will ensure that each student spends adequate time preparing and has a thorough comprehension of each item on their syllabus, allowing them to succeed.

The Advantages 11th Math Pairing Scheme 2022:

Students may be perplexed when they learn of the test dates and are unsure of which date they will have an exam. Students will never be left wondering again if they use this made-to-measure matching technique adapted from an 11th-grade mathematics textbook. This fantastic study plan ensures that students thoroughly comprehend the pattern of whether question type (from the arts or science) appears first in the yearly test in 2022.

Part 1 of the 1st Year Mathematics Scheme MCQs (Objective):

Part 1 of the 1st Year Mathematics Scheme MCQs (Objective)

Scheme for Short Questions:

Unit    QuestionUnit    QuestionUnit    Question
   1                    3    5                  3    9                  3
   2                    3    6                  5   10                 3
   3                    3    7                  1   11                 1
   4                    3    8                  3   12                 3
     13                 1
                                          14                 2
Scheme for Short Questions

Scheme for Long Questions (Subjective):

Q.No.5(5+5)               Chap-2  (B)         Chap-6  (A)                  Q.No.7 (5+5 )Chap  – 7              Chap – 8   (A)                              (B)
Q.No.6 (5+5)Chap – 3        Chap – 7
(A)                      (B)
Q.No.8(5+5)Chap – 9            Chap – 10 (A)                              (B)
Q.No.9(5+5)Chap – 12      Chap – 13
Scheme for Long Questions (Subjective)

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