Mathematics Textbook SNC for Grade 8 in Pdf 2023

Mathematics Textbook SNC for Grade 8 in Pdf 2023. SNC Mathematics Textbook for Grade 8 in PDF format. The SNC Math grade 8 textbook is available for download in pdf format here. Punjab’s school education department has released a new curriculum for eighth-graders to follow, which can be found here. The new syllabus, known as the SNC (single national curriculum), will be implemented in the academic years 2022-2023. This pdf book has all of the SLOs for 8th-grade mathematics in the same format as this. All of the SLOs are aligned with the curriculum for the SNC’s 8th-grade math book, which is available online.

“One country, one curriculum” is the phrase used to describe this initiative. Schools in the public and private sectors will now follow the same curriculum, which is referred to as “one country, one Curriculum.” The SNC SLOs have piqued the attention of the government of Punjab. Everyone should begin using the SNC curriculum in 2022, with no exceptions. Students and instructors in the school’s math class will benefit from having access to all of the math books available to them. According to the national curriculum, this will be the case for the school year 2022-23.

SNC Mathematics Textbook Grade 8:

You should read all of the SLOs before beginning to download the SNC Mathematics textbook from the SNC website. Every module as well as the SLOs associated with them are included in this eighth-grade mathematics textbook. There is a list of subjects as well as evaluation criteria for each topic supplied by the SLO.

Students’ Learning Outcomes:

  • In a variety of situations, show decimal fractions as terminating, non-terminating, recurring, and non-recurring.
  • Recognize the difference between rational and irrational numbers.
  • Real numbers are a combination of rational and irrational numbers that can be used to solve problems.
  • Recognize a real number’s absolute value when presented with one.
  • It must be demonstrated that real numbers and their subsets have certain properties in terms of addition and subtraction.
  • multiplication


  • Use of decimals and fractions in computations in real-life situations/word problems
  • The phrases terminating, non-terminating, recurring, and non-recurring are all used in contract construction
  • There are two types of numbers: rational and irrational
  • using actual numbers on a number line
  • the absolute value of a real number in terms of its decimal representation
  • a description of real numbers’ qualities


  • deal with real-life situations/word problems that require the use of decimals and fractions in computations
  • Show terminating and non-terminating decimal fractions, as well as recurring and non-recurring decimal fractions, to distinguish between rational and irrational decimal fractions.
  • The numbers on a number line correspond to the actual numbers
  • Utilize the formula to determine the absolute value of a real number. In order to demonstrate the properties of real numbers and their subsets in relation to one another, real numbers and their subsets will be used.
  • There is a property known as a closure that applies to both addition and multiplication operations:

Evaluations that are formative:

  • an inquiry and a possible response (open and closed)
  • Question and answer session with a certain time limit
  • Learning walks are a fantastic method to obtain new information.
  • Projects
  • A selection of replies (which may include multiple-choice questions, true/false answers, matching short answers, and fill in the gaps) will be reviewed.
  • Observational journals are a kind of journal that records observations. In order to obtain information, inquiry charts are used.
  • Four Corners: Assemble kids in the middle of the room and read multiple-choice questions to them
  • reading the questions and proposed answers out loud

Assessments at the conclusion of the semester:

  • Classes are pushed through their paces
  • Tests were done on a regular basis (monthly) (monthly)
  • Exam mid of the year
  • At the end of the year Exam

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