MDCAT Biology Entry Test Solved MCQs Chapter 13

MDCAT Biology Entry Test Solved MCQs Chapter 13. The following are the correct responses to the multiple-choice questions on the admissions examination: How well do you understand biology?

Solved MCQs for the Entry Test BIOLOGY:

MCQS ON MONEYPOST BY CHAPTER | MDCAT solved MCQs Biology | MDCAT solved MCQs Biology solve MCQs | MDCAT solved MCQs Chapter Wise with Answer Keys MCQS ON MONEYPOST BY CHAPTER | (1) Describe how cellular respiration works.

Full cellular respiration results in the breakdown of glucose into six separate bits of carbon, the formation of 36 individual molecules of ATP, and the generation of sufficient electrons to produce 14 individual molecules of carbon dioxide. You may get some sample PMC multiple choice questions by clicking here.

Solved MCQs for the FSC Biology Unit 13 Entry Test:

MCQS ON MONEYPOST BY CHAPTER | MDCAT solved MCQs on Biology | MDCAT solved MCQs on Biology solve MCQs | MDCAT solved MCQs Chapter Wise with Answer Keys Moneypost MCQS by Chapter | (1) Explain how the process of cellular respiration works.

During glycolysis, 36 ATPs are made even though only 12 C units of glucose are needed. During full cellular respiration, glucose is broken down into six different bits of carbon, 36 different molecules of ATP are made, and enough electrons are made to make 14 different molecules of carbon dioxide.

Biology FSC MCQs for Unit 13 :

MDCAT solved mcqs Biology| MDCAT solved mcqs Biology solve MCQs|MDCAT solved mcqs Chapter Wise with Answer Keys|

1) which of the following does not have specialized respiratory organs?
a) Birds
b) Hydra
c) Cockroach
d) Both a and b,
2) When carbon dioxide pressure increases the copncity of Ilonoglobin to hold oxygen:
(Entry Test-2009)
a) Remains constant
b) Is doubled
c) Decreases
d) Increase may folds
3) The total inside capacity of lungs of adult human beings when fully’ inflatted is: (Entrance Self-rest-2011)
a) 500 ml
b) 5000ml
c) 50ml
d) 5ml
4) Exehnnge of gases during organismic respiration is carried out by: (Entrance Test 2009)
a) Osmosis
b) Diffusion
c) Active transport
d) Facilitated Diffusion

Solved MCQs for Chapter 13 Entry Test:

5) Opening in the oral cavity (throat) through which air coilers (he wind pipe is called: (Entrance Self-rest-2011)
a) Glottis
b) Bronchus
c) Larynx
d) Pharynx
6) Thc double •Inyer of thin nicmbranes which line and cover lungs are called: (Entrance Self- Test-2011)
a) Pleura
b) Diaphragm
c) Bronchioles
a. Alveoli
7) Transportation of oxygen from lungs to the tissue cells is by means of: (Entrance Self- Test-2011)
a. Complete blood
b. Red blood cells
c. Lymph
d. White blood cells
8) What is the residual volume of air which always remains inside the lung of human?(Entrance- Test-2012)
a. 2.5 litres
b. 5.0 litres
c. 0.5 litres
d. 1.5 litres
9) The total inside capacity of lungs is….for man (Entrance Test-2013)
a) 6.7 liters
b) 2.5 liters
c) 7 liters
d) 5 liters

Entry Test Solved MCQs 2010-2020:

10) The oxygenated blood from lungs to heart is transported by the: (Entrance Test-2014)
a. Pulmonary artery
b. Pulmonary vein
c. Coronary artery
d. Hepatic artery
11) About 70-85 % C02 in blood is carried: (Entrance Test-2015)
a) As carboxylase myoglobin
b) With proteins in plasma
c) Freely as C02
d) ‘As bicorbonate
12) Carboxy hemoglobin (10-20 %) is formed when C02 combines with: (Entrance Test-2016)
a) Amino group of hemoglobin
b) Iron part of hemoglobin
c) Haem portion of hemoglobin
d) Plasma proteins
13) Low partial pressure of oxygen in tissues favors— of oxyhaemoglobin. (Entry Test-2017)
a) Stability
b) Dissociation
c) Transformation
d) Formation
14) Respiratory tubules are termed as bronchioles when they attain the diameter……….
or lesser. (Entry Test-2011)
a) 1.2 cm
b) 1 cm
c) 1 mm
d) 1.2 mm

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