MDCAT Biology MCQs With Answers Part 1 Unit 2

MDCAT Biology MCQs With Answers Part 1 Unit 2 . Both emotionally and physically, there are a tonne of different strategies to get yourself ready for the MDCAT Biology unit 2 test. You might be able to do this by looking at previous examinations, which will reveal the format of the examination to you. MDCAT Biology MCQs With Answers, There are a lot of additional ways to be ready for the test, in case you don’t have access to past papers or if you feel like you need more practise.

Part 1 of the NMDCAT Biology MCQs for the entry test:

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) in biology, biology practise tests for the MDCAT (with answers), and multiple-choice questions in biology for entrance exams

1) Which bond is the potential source of chemical energy for cellular activities? (Entry Test 2009).
a) C-N
c) C-H
b) C-0
d) O-H
2) Name the tissues that contain about 20% of water: (Entry Test 2009)
a) Nerve cells
c) Brain cells
b) Bone cells
d) None of these
3) Among these, which one has both iodine and blue pigment? (Entry Test 2009)
a) Starch
c) Glycogen
b) Cellulose
d) All of these
4) The two strands in the DNA are coiled — to each other: (Entry Test 2009)
a) Parallel
c) Both A and B
b) Anti-parallel
d) None of these
5) Name the human tissues that contain about 85 % water: (Entry Test 2009)
a) Nerve cells
c) Brain cells
b) Bone cells
d) None of these
6) The word that encompasses all of the above is: (NSTC-8-Sample paper 2010-2012)
a) Oxidation
b) Respiration
c) Metabolism
d) Pollination
7) Genetic information is transmitted from DNA to (NSTC-8-Sample paper 2010-2012)
a) Amino acids
b) Chromosomes
c) Proteins
d) The site of protein synthesis
8) Every organic compound’s fundamental component is: (Entrance Self-Test-2011)
a) Oxygen
c) Hydrogen
b) Nitrogen
d) Carbon

Part 1 of the NMDCAT Biology MCQs for the entry test:

9) The number of types of amino acids that are found to occur in cells are: (Entrance Self-Test- 2011)
a) 20
c) 100
b) 25
d) 170
10) The major RNA in the cell is ribosomal RNA. It makes up: (Entrance Self-Test-2011)
a) 80 % of total RNAs
c) 90 % of total RNAs
b) 58 % of total RNAs
D) 40 % of total RNAs
11) Carbohydrates are organic molecules and contain three elements: (Entry Test-2012)
a) Carbon, water, and oxygen
b) Carbon, sulfur, and hydrogen
c) Carbon, calcium, and hydrogen
d) Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen

Unit 2 Solved MCQs with Keys:

12) Which one are intermediates in respiration and Photosynthesis both? (Entry Test-2012)
a) Ribose and heptolose
b) Glyceraldehyde and dihydroxyacetone
c) Glucose and galactose
d) Fructose and ribulose
13) Which of the following is a peptide bond? (Entry Test-2012)
a) –C-N
b) –CP
c) –CO
d) –C-s
14) Select the unsaturated fatty acid from the list that does not contain palmitic acid. (Entry Test-2012, 2015)
a) Acetic acid
b) Oleic acid
c) Butyric acid
d) Palmitic acid
15) Which of the following combination of base pairs is absent in DNA? (Entry Test-2012)
a) A-T
b) A-U
c) C-G
d) T-A
16) —— is the most abundant carbohydrate in nature. (Entrance Test-2011, 13)
a) Waxes
b) Starch
c) Glycerol
d) Cellulose
17)Pick the sugar that fits the criteria for a keto sugar.(Entrance Test-2013)
a) Glyceraldehyde
b) Ribose
c) Dihydroxy-acetone
d) Glucose
18) Amino acid in which the R-group is hydrogen is: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Glycine
b) Leucine
c) Alanine
d) Valine
19) Esters of acyl-glycerol, such as fats and oils, are generated through the condensation reaction between:
(Entrance Test-2013)
a) Fatty acids and water
b) Fatty acids and alcohol
c) Fatty acid and glucose
d) Fatty acids and phosphates
20) Which of the following is purine? (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Guanine
b) Thymine
c) Cytosine
d) Uracil
21) The simplest monosaccharide containing keto group is: (Entrance Test-2014)
a) Glyceraldehyde
b) Glucose
c) Dihydroxy acetone
d) Ribose
22) Waterproof surfaces like cuticles of leaves and protective covering of insect’s body are:
(Entrance Test-2014)
a) Phospholipids
b) Terpenoids
c) Waxes
d) Acyl glycerols
23) Monosaccharides are major components. (Entrance Test-2015)
a) DNA, ATP, Ribulose bisphosphate, and Cysteine
b) DNA, NAD and Insulin
c) DNA, NADP, ATP, and Ribulose bisphosphate
d) DNA, RNA, and Myosin
24) Myosin is a ——- type of protein. (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Intermediate
b) Globular
c) Simple
d) Fibrous

Biology Unit 2: Chapter-Wise MCQs:

25) Number of base pairs in one turn of DNA is: (Entrance Test-2015)

a) 10
b) 34
c) 2
d) 54
26) The compounds which polyhydroxy aldehyde or ketone subunits are: (Entrance Test-2016)
a) Lipids
b) Proteins
c) Polynucleotides
d) Carbohydrates
27) The second part of a protein’s structure is found in (Entrance Test-2016)

a) Trypsin
b) Insulin
c) Keratin
d) Glucagon
28) Waxes are formed by the combination of fatty acids with (Entrance Test-2016)

a) Alcohol
b) Serine
c) Glycerol
d) Cysteine

29) are the primary locations throughout an animal’s body that glycogen can be found stored. (Entry Test-2017)

a) Muscle and liver
b) Around thighs and belly
c) Around belly and hips
d) Liver and kidneys
30) Secondary structure of a protein is found in (Entry Test-2017)

a) 20
b) 25
c) 170
d) 200
31) If the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in lipids is higher, then:
(Entry Test-2017)
a) Oils
c) Phenol
b) Waxes
d) Fats

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