MDCAT Chemistry Key Points Chapter Wise For Entry Test Preparation

MDCAT Chemistry Key Points Chapter Wise For Entry Test Preparation. It is absolutely necessary for students who are interested in a profession in medicine to do their best to study for the multiple-choice questions that will be covered in the chemistry class. Several other admissions tests for medical schools and engineering schools, including the MDCAT, ETEA, NUMS, and ECAT, all include chemistry portions of their tests. This objective-type test on chemistry is comprised of questions with multiple choice answers.

MDCAT Chemistry Chapter-by-Chapter Key Points:

Key Points Covered in Each Chapter of the MDCAT Chemistry Test to Help You Prepare for the Admissions Exam You may download the PDF file by clicking the download button that has been given for you below.

 Sample Key Points Chemistry:

1. The rectified spirit is
a. 85% alcohol
b. 99 9% alcohol
c. 92-95% alcohol
d. 85% alcohol & 4%methyl alcohol
e. 85% alcohol , 4%methyl alcohol and 11% water

2. SN1 reaction is generally given by
a Primary R-X
b. Secondary R-X
c. Tertiary R-X
d. N.O.T

3. The C6H5-CF3 ,the -CF3 group is
a. Activating ortho para director ,
b. Deacticating ortho para directors
c. Activating meta Director
d. Deactivating meta director

4. What alkanes are produced in the following reaction
CH3-CH2C| + CH3-CH2-CH2C| ” 2 Na (in dry ether) ?
a. N-butane
b. N-pentane
c. N-hexane
d:All of these

5. The correct path to produce m-nitro benzoic acid, starting from benzene
a. Nitration, methylation arid oxidation
b. Methylation, oxidation and nitration
c. Nitration, oxidation and methylation
d. Oxidation, methylation and nitration

6.The correct reactivity order of hydrocarbons
a. Arenes”alkynes”alkenes”alkanes
b. Alkene” alkynes”arenes”alkanes
c. Alkynes”alkenes”arenes”alkanes
d. Arenes” alkenes”alkynes”alkanes

7. The compounds having ionic,covalent and dative types of bonds
a. Complex compound
b. Complex hydrideS
c. Nitro alkanes
d. Ammonium salts
e. N.O.T

8. The most electropositive element is
a. Cu
b. Cs
C. Rb
d. Cl
e. K
9. The IUPAC name of CH2=CH-CH2-CZCH
a. 1 pentyne- 4-ene
b. 1 pentene-yne
c. 1 pentene-4-yne
Cl. 5 pentyne-2-ene
10. When formaldehyde is treated with strong alkali , it undergoes
self oxidation reduction reaction to form methanol and formic acid
this reaction is
a. Wurt’z reaction
b. Cannizaro reaction
c. Aldol reduction
d. Ester formation

MCQs :

11. For a certain gas, if product of P and V at STP is X. Now if both
n and T are doubled than what they were at STP, R is constant throughout what will be the product of nRT?
a. X
b. X/2
C. 2X
d. 4X
e. N.O.T
12. The complete combustion of Alkane normally gives
a. CO2 ” H2O
b. CO2 only
C. CO ” FkO .
d. C(J2 ” CO
13. Kerosene is mixture of hydrocarbons having
a. C10-C11
b. C11-C12
C. C12-C18
d. C20- higher
e. N.O.T

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