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MDCAT-specific kips papers with answers for the subject of chemistry. The solutions to all of the KIPS Chemistry chapter papers have been provided. chemistry for mdcat and kips in pdf format.

Topic Wise MDCAT Chemistry Kips Papers :

Here is table of content chemistry topic wise mdcat kips test papers. You can get an idea about the content read it.

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MDCAT Kips MCQs In Pdf

Some sample mcqs from kips mdcat chemistry topic wise and chapter wise mcqs with answer keys. Read all multiple choice questions before downloading.

The relative abundance of the isotopes of elements can be determined by (2010)
A) X-rays
B) Solvent extraction
C) spectrometry
D) Chromatography
If we know the of one substance, we can calculate the volume of other substance
and vice versa with the help of a chemical equation is called (2010)
A) Mass-mass relationship
B) Mass-volume relationship
C) Mass-mole relationship
D) Mole-volume relationship
One mole of any gas at STP occupies a volume of (2010)
A) 22.414dm’
B) 23.414dm’
C) 22.414crrP
D) 20.414dK
How many chlorine atoms are in 2 moles of a (2011)
A) 2×6.022xl(P atoms
B) 35.5 x 6.022xl023 atoms
C) 2xl0?3 atoms
D) 2×6.02xICF atoms
In the mass spectrometer; detector or collector measures the (2011)
A) Masses of isotopes
B) Percentages of isotopes
C) Relative abundances of isotopes
D) Mass numbers of isotopes
Mole fraction of any component is the ratio of mo1« of all components in a: (2011)
A) Compounds
B) Solution
C) Molecule
D) Solid
Morality is defined as the number of moles of the solute of any substance dissolved (2011)
A) Per drip of water
B) Per m3 of water
C) In one of the water
D) Inl00 ml of water
When 8 grams (4 moles) of Hz react with 2 moles of 02, how many moles of water will be formed (2012)
A) Five
B) Six
C) Four
D) Three

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