MDCAT Past Papers Chemistry Solved MCQs From Unit 3

MDCAT Past Papers Chemistry Solved MCQs From Unit 3. The solutions to the multiple choice questions that were on the Chemistry entrance test before. MCQs for FSC Chemistry Part 1 that have been solved unit by unit, with the solutions taken from the MDCAT. You may either read it online or download the PDF. Solved MCQs from Previous Units of the MDCAT Chemistry Exam, MCQs for MDCAT FSC Chemistry Part 1 answered, with solutions broken down unit by unit. It may be read online or downloaded as a PDF. Both options are available.

The following is a list of the multiple-choice questions and answers that have been provided for the MDCAT’s unit 3 FSC chemical unit 3.

Finished the multiple choice questions (MCQs) from the MDCAT Chemistry tests that came before in the first half of Unit 3. Unit 3 is the title of the first segment of the MDCAT answers practise exams that are organised by unit. In this section, you will find the answers to the multiple-choice questions that are included in Unit 3 of the MDCAT Chemistry Solved MCQs Past Papers. You may choose to either download the PDF or read the information online. Both options are available to you. The information is being brought up to date right now.

Solved MDCAT Chemistry MCQs Unit by Unit:

Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions and Answers That Have Been Solved for the MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Chemistry Solved MCQs of Past Papers Chemistry Solved MCQs for the MDCAT


1. The constant factor in Charle’s law is: (Gujranwala Board, 2008)
(A) Volume
(B) Temperature
(C) Pressure
(D) all of these
2. The S.I. unit of pressure is expressed in (Rawalpindi Board, 2013: Multan Board, 2013.2018: D.G. Khan Board. 2017)
(A) Mm Hg
(B) Nm-2
(C) Nm -3
(D) Nm-1
3. An ideal gas has volume I dm3 at 303 K. Keeping pressure constant, at which Kelvin its volume becomes 2 dm3 ECAT 2016
(A) 240
(B) 303
(C) 330
(D) 606
4. Meteorologists often measure pressure in the following units: (Azad Kashmir Board, 2017)
(A) Pascal
(B) millibar
(C) pound inch-2
(D) atm
5. The SI pressure unit is: (Rawalpindi Board, 2009, Lahore Board, 2014)
(A) Pound inch-2
(B) Nm-2
(C) MmHg
(D) torr

Unit 3 of First-Year Chemistry MCQs:

6. Which of the following is the correct equation to calculate the relative molecular mass of a gas?
(A) M = mRTNP
(B) M=mRT/VP
(C) M=PV/mRT
(D) M=PV/nRT


7. One mole of any gas at standard temperature and pressure (STP) occupies a volume of
(A) 23.414 dm3
(B) 20414 dm3
(C) 22.414 dm3
(D) 22.414 cm3
8. Partial pressure of 02 in lungs (in torr) is: ‘(Gujranwala Board. 2008)
(A) 760
(B) 159
(C) 150
(D) 116
9. partial pressure Of oxygen in human lungs in the ton is: (Gujranwala Board. 2011: D.G. Khan Board. 2014: Faisalabad Board. 2015: Lahore Board. 2017.2018)
(A) 116
(B) 760
(C) 161
(D) 159
10.The oxygen partial pressure in the atmosphere is:(D.G. Khan Board. 2014: Sargodha Board. 2017)
(A) 157
(B) 159 torr
(C) 156 ton
(D) 158 torr
11. Absolute 0 equates to (Lahore Board, 2007)
(A) 273K
(B) 2730C
(C) -273C
(C) 0C°
12. Formula used for the conversion of F° into C° is (Rawalpindi Board. 2014)
(A) F=9/5(C) + 32)
(B) C=5/9 (F+ 32)
(C) F=5/9 (C) + 32)
(D) C= 9/5 (F-32)
13. The pair of gases which does not obey Dalton’s law of partial pressure under normal condition is (Faisalabad Board, 2016)
(D) He and Ne
(B) H2 and He
(A) H2 and 02
(C) NH3 and HCI
14. Because there is no pressure within the cabin, breathing causes a lot of discomfort.(MCAT, 2017)
(A) High pressure of C02
(B) Low pressure of 02
(C) Fatigue
(D) Low pressure of C02

11th Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions for MDCAT Prep:

15. Liquid in a container has 700C, what will be in Kelvin scale? MCAT 2018
(A) 283 K
(B) 300 K
(C) 343 K
(D ) 350K
16. Mass of 22.4 dm3 of N2 at STP is?
(A) 2.8 g
(B) 1.4 g
(C) 14 g
(D) 28g
17. Escape out of gas molecules one by one through tiny hole is: (Lahore Board, 2014).
(A) All of these
(B) Osmosis
(C) Effusion
(D) Diffusion
18. The spreading of fragrance or scent in air is due to: (Rawalpindi Board. 2011: Sahiwal Board, 2015.2018)
(A) Density
(B) Osmosis
(C) Diffusion
(D) Effusion
19. Which gas spreads out faster: (Lahore Board. 2009: Sahlwal Board, 2017)
(A) C02
(B) NH3
20. Which of the following gases will spread most quickly? (D.G. Khan Board. 2010)
(A) CO
(B) N2
(C) H2
(D) NH3

MCQs for Chapter 3 of Chemistry with Solutions:

21. The number of carbon atoms in 22 g of C02 is (Lahore Board, 2015)
(A) 3.01 x IO23
(B) 602* 1023
(C) 3.01 x 1022
(D) 6.02*1022

Gas liquification. EQUATION VAN DER WAALS

22. If both “a” and “b” for a certain gas add up to zero, then the gas in question is: Lahore Board. 2014)
(A) 6.02*1022
(B) Ideal
(C) Real (C) Non – ideal
(D) May any diatomic gas
23. To calculate the pressure of the volume of a real gas under the non-ideal conditions, an alternative kinetic equation has been developed. This is known as:
(B) Arrhenius equation
(C) Celsius Clav»eyron equation
(D) Vander Wall’s eq.
(A) General gas equation
24. Feeling uncomfortable breathing in un-pressurized cabins is due to (Bahawalpur Board, 2015)
a. high pressure of C02
b. low pressure of 02
c. fatigue
d. low pressure of C02
25. In a mixture of gases, the total mole fraction of the gases is (Faisalabad Board. 2016)
a. always less than I
b. possibility lower or higher than I
c. always 1
d. always more than I
26. The highest temperature a substance can exist as……… is called its critical temperature. MCAT 2008
a. Liquid
b. Gas
c. Isotope
d. Solid

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