MDCAT Chemistry Stars Academy Tests 2022

MDCAT Chemistry Stars Academy Tests 2022. Assessment tests in chemistry, complete with solutions, provided by Stars Academy. Following the completion of each unit, a test with an answer key is offered. You may get the PDF files of each exam by clicking here.

MDCAT Chemistry Tests 2022 Sample MCQs Stars Academy :

Before you download all tests in pdf first look at these mcqs given below. pdf download link is given at the end of this post.

Which of the following pairs have the same number of atoms?
I) 16 g of Oz(g) and 4 g of Hz(g) Ill 16 g of O, and 44 g of CO2
Ill) 28 g of N, and 32 g of O, lV) 12 g of C(s) and 23 g of Na(s)
A) I only
B) III only
C) 11 & III only
D) Ill & IV only
16 g of oxygen has the same number of molecules as in
I) 16 g of CO Ill 1.0 g of H, Ill) 14 g of N, lV) 28 g of N,
A) I only
B) III only
C) 11 & III only
D) Ill & IV only
Which of the following terms is unitless?
I) Mass percent Ill Molarity Ill) Mole fraction lV) Molahty
A) I only
B) Ill only
C) I & Ill only
D) Ill & IV only
Which of the following factor has no effect on the boiling point of a liquid?
A) impure in liquid
B) Amount of liquid
C) Intermolecular forces
D) Pressure

Related MCQs:

When 2.5 mole of 02 are consumed in their reaction, – — moles of CO2 are produced?
A) 1.5
B) 2 5
C) 50
D) 60E)30
20 g of an ideal gas contains only atoms of S & O occupies 5.6 L at STP. What is mol? wt. of
A) 64
B) 80
C) 96
D) 46
The number of the neutron in 5 g of D2O (d is Ih) are:
A) 0.25 Na
B) 2.5 Na
C) 1.0 Na
D) 0.5 Na
The weight of H2SO4 (molecular weight 98.1) in 50.0 ml of a 6 M solution is?
A) 0.3 grams
B) 12.0 grams
C) 29.4 grams
D) 294 grams

Stars Academy MDCAT Chemistry Tests 2022:

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