MDCAT MCAT ECAT Physics Solved MCQs Pdf Download

MDCAT MCAT ECAT Physics Solved MCQs Pdf Download. Physics multiple-choice questions and answers are offered here for you in preparing for both the MDCAT and the ECAT. ECAT solutions to multiple choice questions taken from past admissions exam papers, organised by unit.

Physics Solved MCQs for MDCAT and ECAT:

Physics Multiple-Choice Questions and Answers that Have Been Solved for the MDCAT, MCAT, ECAT, SAT JEE, and NEET Exams as well as the SAT MAT.

Some Sample MCQs :

The number of significant figures in 2.050×106 is
(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6
The x and y component are 1 N each, the angle made by the resultant vector is
(a) 0°

(b) 30°

(c) 60°

(d) 45°
j ̂×j ̂=
(a) j^2

(b) j ̂

(c) zero

(d) one
If the velocity time graph of a moving body is a straight line, the body moves with
(a) uniform acceleration

(b) variable acceleration

(c) uniform velocity

(d) variable velocity
Quantity of motion is also called
(a) momentum

(b) thrust

(c) torque

(d) moment

Circular motion is an example of motion in
(a) two dimension

(b) three dimension

(c) one dimension

(d) All of these
Kilo watt hour is the unit of
(a) power

(b) energy

(c) work

(d) force

Other MCQs:

When a body moves vertically upwards the work done will be
(a) positive (b) negative (c) zero (d) maximum
π radian equals
(a) 360°

(b) 90°

(c) 270°

(d) 180°
Moment of inertia of thin rod is given by
(a) 1/12 mL^2

(b) 2/5 mR^2

(c) 12mL^2

(d) 5/7 mR^2
Torque acting of a body is given by
(a) τ=I^2

(b) τ=Iα^2

(c) τ=I^2 α^2

(d) τ=Iα
When a body moves in a circle the angle b/w its linear velocity and angular velocity is
(a) 0°

(b) 45°

(c) 90°

(d) 190°

The least distance of distinct vision is
(a) 5 cm

(b) 25 cm

(c) 65 cm

(d) 95 cm
For air glass boundary the critical angle is
(a) 30°

(b) 60°

(c) 90°

(d) 41.8°

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