MDCAT New Registration 2023

MDCAT New Registration 2023. Registration for the MDCAT 2022 exam will begin on May 25 at nine o’clock at night.

New Registration For MDCAT:

These Admission Regulations are being issued. By the Medical and Dental Council in accordance with the authority. Granted to it by Section 8(2)(f) of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020. The Council is doing so by promulgating these regulations (Amended).

Requirement And Criterion:

1-All medical and dental college admissions in Pakistan. Whether public and private, must comply with these regulations beginning with the 2022 academic year.

2-Any student who wishes to enrol in a medical or dental school in Pakistan is needed. To demonstrate that they have obtained a passing score on the MDCAT. Examination that is administered by the Pakistan Medical Commission. The minimum score necessary to pass the MDCAT examination is sixty percent (60%). Given that any student admitted on a quota seat on the basis of a government scholarship programme . For foreign students under bilateral agreements with other countries is not eligible. To apply for a Full licence to practise in Pakistan, the mandatory requirement of having. Passed the MDCAT examination shall not apply to such a student. However, this does not exempt such a student from the obligation to pass the MDCAT examination.

3-It is required that all applications for admission to public and private medical colleges. Be submitted and processed no later than classes start no later than at the very latest. With the exception that the first day of school in Baluchistan may not occur. Any earlier than after the winter vacation.

4-Within sixty (60) days of the close of admissions, the relevant university is required to provide a certified. List of students who have been admitted to a public or private medical or dental college. To the Pakistan Medical Commission. This list is to be provided after the university has verified the high school leaving certificate . Degree of the student as well as any other necessary credentials. On the condition that the information that is going to be handed over to the Pakistan Medical Commission. Will be presented in the format that has been prescribed and will be verified as accurate by the University.

4A-Under no circumstances, including those stemming from any government quota. Or programme, a college is permitted to admit a student in excess of the maximum number. Of seats that have been designated for that college. Any admission that occurs over and above the maximum number of seats that have been allotted. Shall not be considered a valid admission. And any student who is presented by a college as having been admitted in. Excess of the number of seats that have been allotted. Shall not be eligible for the grant of a licence by the Pakistan Medical Commission. Despite the fact that they have been awarded a degree by the college or university in question. With the understanding that the limitation would be imposed on students who will be attending Session2023.

4B-The college is required to submit a registration fee to the Pakistan Medical Commission in the amount of Rs. 5,000 per student.

5-The Pakistan Medical Commission is required to register the students with the Pakistan Medical Commission. Within fourteen (14) days of receiving the accepting students from the University. Additionally, the Pakistan Medical Commission is required to issue a unique PMCStudent Number to each student. With the proviso that the Pakistan Medical Commission would not register any students. Who exceed the maximum number of spots available in a college for that institution. Moreover, provided that if the college presents for registration students in excess of the maximum number of seats. That have been allotted, then those students in excess of the maximum limit. Who had the lowest merit when they applied for admission shall be denied. If a student’s registration is denied, the college is responsible for returning any and all fees. And charges that were collected from them. In addition to imposing a penalty that is equivalent to fifty percent of the amount that was collected.

6-Students whose degrees are not properly confirmed by the institution that conferred them. Or whose credentials are discovered to be fake or fabricated. Will have their admission cancelled with immediate effect if they are found to have one of these issues. If it is discovered that a student has fabricated their high school leaving certificate or degree. Or that they have given a document that they know to be false. Then the student will not be allowed to apply to any medical or dentistry college in Pakistan in the future. Any fee paid to the college by a student whose admission is terminated because they. Submitted a forged or false document at the time of seeking admission shall have Provided . Further that a student whose admission is terminated because they submitted. A forged or false document at the time of seeking admission shall have any fee paid to the college.

7-In the event that a student withdraws from school or is removed after being admitted. Within sixty (60) days of the close of admissions, and there are during the transfer period. No applicants for transfer in accordance with Regulation 8, the college shall be permitted to admit a student. On the vacant seat within fourteen (14) days of the sixty (60) day period provided herein ending. Subject to fulfilment of merit asper the merit list issued by. The Commission or in the event of a public college. Subject to fulfilment of merit asper the merit list After the end of the sixty (60) day term. It is forbidden for any college to re-enroll a student in a seat that has become vacant. As long as an admission on an open seat is informed to the Pakistan Medical Commission. Through the University within seven (7) days of the end of the sixty (60) day term. The college is exempt from the notification requirement.

8-A student who has been accepted to another institution may, within thirty (30) days of the close of applications at the first college, apply to the second college for a transfer seat if there remains a seat available in the first college after admissions have closed.

9-In accordance with the provisions of subsection (3) of section 18 of the PMC Act of 2020, all public universities, colleges, and provincial governments are required, for the purposes of preparing merit lists and admitting students, to give a minimum of fifty percent of the total weightage to the marks that the student obtained on the MDCAT. At a minimum of fifty percent, the exact weightage that is given to MDCATresult must be declared by a provincial government or its authorised admitting university at least fifteen days before the opening of applications for admission to public medical and dental colleges. This declaration must take place at least 15 days before the opening of applications.

10-A copy of each merit list that is issued throughout the admissions process must be provided to the Pakistan Medical Commission for record keeping purposes by all universities and provincial governments that are participating in the admissions process.

11-It is possible for a provincial government or the federal government to declare a quota for special seats in defined categories in public colleges that are administered by either level of government; however, such quotas must be publicly declared prior to the opening of admissions for those colleges.
A high school diploma or certificate of completion must also be obtained by students who wish to be considered for admission under the special quota seats. In addition, applicants must demonstrate that they have successfully completed the MDCAT.

12-It is required that all applications for admission to public dentistry and medical schools be submitted on or before January 14, 2021. Admissions to Private Universities.

13-In regard to its constituent, affiliated, and administered colleges, Agha Khan University and NUMS have previously declared admission criteria for admissions. These criteria include, in addition to the MDCATan entry test and other criteria specific to such colleges, thus substantially fulfilling the requirement of prior disclosure of admission criteria in accordance with Section 18(3) of the PMC Act 2020. Therefore, admissions to the Army Medical College as well as all constituent, affiliated, and administered colleges of NUMS shall be undertaken by NUMS, and admissions to the Agha Khan Medical College shall be undertaken by Agha Khan University respectively. This is subject to the mandatory requirement that any student admitted must have passed the MDCAT. Any student who is interested in applying to the aforementioned colleges will be needed to submit their application to the relevant institution directly and meet any additional admission standards that have been imposed and announced by the colleges. The provided quota for special seats in colleges that fall under the administrative control of NUMS will be regulated by NUMS in accordance with any notifications that may be issued by the relevant Directorate and approved by the Ministry of Defence, subject to the maximum number of seats that can be allocated to each college.
In addition, in order for students to be eligible for admission based on special quota seats, they are required to have received a high school leaving certificate or degree as well as successfully completed the MDCAT.

14-Only a centralised and automated admission method will be allowed to be used for the 2021 Session of all private medical and dentistry schools for students to apply to their schools.

15-The administration of the centralised automated admission system will be supervised by an Admissions Committee that will be made up of three members of the Council that will be appointed.

16-Immediately following the publication of the MDCAT result, the Pakistan Medical Commission will, on a national level, issue a call for applications from students who are interested in gaining admission to private medical and dentistry colleges. The opening date for application submissions will mark the beginning of a period of fifteen (15) days during which students will be needed to submit their application materials. For the purpose of submitting an application through the computerised admissions system, there will be a charge of Rs. 8,000 per student for the application fee. If this condition is met, a student may submit an application for admission to private institutions regardless of whether or not they have submitted an application to public universities. A restriction on the student’s place of residence is permissible to be imposed by a province government in the exercise of its executive responsibilities, notwithstanding the fact that there is no restriction on admission to private medical or dentistry colleges based on the student’s place of residence. In the event that a restriction on domicile is imposed, it will be taken into consideration in admissions decisions made by the Commission, subject to the fulfilment of merit requirements.

16A-For the purposes of admission, a student is considered to be a “Foreign Student” if they do not hold Pakistani nationality, hold a dual nationality, are a Pakistani citizen living abroad or a Pakistani citizen who does not reside in Pakistan, and have obtained their HSSC or an equivalent 12th grade qualification from a country other than Pakistan. Dual nationality holders are also considered to fall under this category. The admission of a Foreign Student shall be determined solely on the basis of the applicant’s merit, and there shall be neither an exception nor a special quota for Foreign Students formed.

16B-A college may charge a Foreign Student a fee that is denominated in a currency other than Pakistani currency and is higher than the fee charged to Pakistani resident Students, provided that the institution has designated a fee for Foreign Students.

A student who holds dual citizenship, is an overseas Pakistani, or is a citizen of Pakistan who does not reside in the country will have to pay a cost that is significantly lower than the rate that the college has established for international students.

17-A student who is seeking admission to a private medical or dental college is required to present a list of colleges, along with their application, to which they intend to submit admissions applications.

18-The result of the MOCAT will be given a weightage of 50 percent when it comes to the preparation of the merit list. Additionally, the students’ marks obtained in the F.5c or equivalent marks as certified by IBCC will be given a weightage of 30 percent. In the case of any other recognised high school qualification obtained by either an external board examination taken in Pakistan or outside Pakistan, a weightage of 20 percent will be given to the marks obtained in the interview that will be conducted by each college.
A Foreign Student may utilise the results of the SATII exam in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics/Maths as an alternative to the MOCAT if they choose to apply for admission in the Session 2021. This exemption is provided for admission purposes. The student’s performance on SATII will be compared to their scores on MOCAT, with biology receiving a weightage of 40 percent, chemistry receiving a weightage of 35 percent, and physics and mathematics receiving a weightage of 25 percent.

19-On the fourteenth of January in 2021, the Pakistan Medical Commission will publish a National Merit List for each individual private college. The applicants who have indicated that they would like to attend the college in question are required to be included on each institution’s merit list, which must adhere to a strict merit-based organisation.

19A-The MOCAT examination was administered by PMChaving in accordance with the Act, which states that the Act shall calculate weightage up to 80 percent of the aggregate to assess the merit of each applying student. The MOCAT and SATII will each receive 50 percent of this, while the F.Sc. test or an equivalent will receive 30 percent. On January 14, 2021, the PMC will provide the Merit List for each college, and the colleges will be responsible for conducting their own interviews, each of which will carry a weightage of 20 percent. Before November 25, 2020, the format of the interview will be outlined on the websites of all of the educational institutions, where it will be accessible to students.

19B-The college is required to contribute the score of the student’s performance during the interview to the MOCAT/F.Sc. based Merit aggregate that is awarded by PMC. The final aggregate score out of one hundred percent will be determined for each student’s position on the merit scale by the college. For the purpose of selecting students to enrol in MBBS or BOS classes, the college will take this aggregate into consideration. After finishing the interview process, the colleges are required to report to PMC the final merit of each and every applicant, which is determined by calculating the total percentage of merit earned.
19C. Only students who have applied to the college and are on the list provided by PMC will be considered for admission by the college; no other students will be considered. All colleges are required to complete the admissions process by February 15th, 2021 at the latest.

19C-If there are any seats that are still open after the 15th of February 2021, each college will have seven days to fill those seats with students who may have applied to other colleges but were not admitted in those colleges, subject to the students being interviewed by the college and admission being based on merit. If there are any seats that are still open after the 15th of February 2021, there will be no more seats available.

19D-The student will confirm their acceptance by paying the cost that was publicised by the college in advance and sending the payment straight to the college.

19E-Each college will send the final admitted list of students to its affiliated university, which will certify the list and send it to the PMC after first verifying the students’ F.S.c degrees, marks, and other credentials directly. The final admitted list of students will be published on each college’s website.

20-A student who has completed the MDCAT exam with a score of at least sixty percent or who has obtained more than sixty percent in each of the SAT II designated subject results and who has obtained sixty-five percent or more on the F.Sc. or an exam with an equivalent level of difficulty is qualified for admission to a medical or dental college.

21-It is mandatory for a student whose name appears on the National Merit List of any college that has been issued by the Pakistan Medical Commission for the student to make contact with the colleges for the purpose of seeking admission on whose National Merit List the student’s name has appeared, subject to any interview that may be conducted by the college and marks for such interview being added to the student’s merit weightage. If a student’s name does not appear on the National Merit List of any college that has been issued by the Pakistan Medical It is up to the discretion of the college to decide whether or not to conduct an interview with the applicant and whether or not to base admissions decisions on the National Merit List.
If a student applies to more than one college and those universities schedule interviews on the same day, the colleges to whom the student has applied are required to make sure that the student does not miss out on the opportunity to offer an interview at any of the colleges. The institutions are obligated to provide the student with at least one other day to choose from when scheduling the interview. Further, in the event that two or more students have exactly the same merit up to five decimal points, the students’ positions in the merit list will be determined by age, with the student who is older in age being placed higher on the list than the student who is younger in age.

22-The colleges are responsible for selecting students for admission solely based on their cumulative merit as determined by the National Merit List, with the addition of any weightage that may be authorised for an interview (if one is held by the institution).

23-A student who has accepted an offer of admission to a college is obliged to confirm and accept their admission by making a deposit equal to the announced Fixed Fee or a portion thereof as needed by the college. Costs and Contributions.

24-A detailed breakdown of the tuition fee, non-refundable admission fee, hostel fee, transport charges, and any other charges that may be sought to be charged by the college from students obtaining admission in 2021 session, as well as a further breakdown of such fee and charges and any annual escalation thereon on annual basis for the entire duration of the programme, is required to be provided to the Pakistan Medical Commission by all private medical and dental colleges by or before 20’h October 2020. This requirement applies to both private medical and dental colleges.

25-The total amount of the student’s annual fixed fees that are required to be paid by the student without exception will be regarded as the college’s Fixed Fee. The term “Optional Fee” refers to any and all payments that the student must pay in order to access the corresponding college service, but which the student is under no obligation to do so. The charges for hostel accommodation, mess/food, transportation, and medical insurance should be considered Optional Fees and shall only be charged for the duration of time during which the student avails themselves of the related services.

26-No private medical or dental college shall, at any time during the full duration of the programme of study (five years in the case of MBBS and four years in the case of BDS), charge from a student any amount that is in addition to the maximum charges notified by it to the Commission including the fixed enhanced value.

27-The Pakistan Medical Commission is responsible for conducting an audit of the maximum fees and charges that have been submitted by each college. Following the audit, the Pakistan Medical Commission will present each college with the reviewed Fixed Fee as well as the Optional Fee.

28-The final decided Fixed Feeand Option Feeapplicable to students to be enrolled in the 2021 Sessionfor each private medical and dental institution shall be notified by each college on its website by or before the 30’h November 2020, as informed by the Commission in accordance with Regulation 27. If a college misses the deadline of 30’h November 2020 to notify the fee and charges on its website, the Commission will post such fee of the college on its website for the knowledge of the students.

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