MDCAT Quiz Biology MCQs Chapter 2 Online Test

MDCAT Quiz Biology MCQs Chapter 2 Online Test. The online practise test for the Biology unit 2: Biological Molecules section of the MDCAT. Each multiple-choice question comes with a key. MCAT biology multiple choice questions organised by chapter.

Biology MDCAT MCQs Online Test:

Chapter 2 Biology MCQ Examples:

Ribulose bisphosphate contains a Functional group in their carbohydrate part?
a. aldehyde
b. ketone ‘
d. both a and b
A single molecule of hemoglobin is composed of:
a. three polypeptide chains
b. four polypeptide chains
c. five polypeptide chains
d. six polypeptide chains
Which one has a primary structure?
a. insulin
b. myoglobin
c. hemoglobin
d. none
Which of the following is a disaccharide?
a. glucose
b. fructose
c. lactose
d. galactose
Which of the following is true of purines?
a. cytosine is a purine
b. purines bind readily to deoxyribose, but not ribose
c. purines have a double ring structured. adenine°s binding to thymine is stronger than is guanine°s to, cytosine
e. both adenine and thymine are purines
Palmitic acid is a 16-carbon compound mostly found in:
a. oil
b. fats
c. steroid
d. all

All the cell membranes are composed of:
a. proteins
b. lipids
c. lipo-proteins
d. cellulose
OIigosaccharides class of carbohydrates contain monosaccharide’s Units?
a. 2-8 units
b. 2-12 units
c. 2-10 units .
d. 2-14 units
phospholipid contain:
a. 1 glycerol
b. 2 glycerol’
C. no glycerol
d. 1fattya’id
All of the following structures are protenaceous except:
a. hoof
b, hemoglobin
c. enzymes
d. stemids
Fotty acid is:
a. aliphatic Pock carboxylic acid
b. aromatic mono carboxylic acid
c aliphatic mono
d. none
Sucmse on hydmlysis yield ?
a maltose
b. glucose and fructose
d. Glucose

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