MDCAT Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability Notes

MDCAT Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability Notes. Reading comprehension notes for the MDCAT with solutions. Notes for studying logical reasoning for the PMC MDCAT 2022 with solutions.

Verbal Reading Comprehension on the MDCAT:

On exams like the MDCAT, almost everyone who difficulties with reading comprehension experiences one or more of the issues. The same unhealthy practise causes all of these issues:


The resources provided here are intended to assist you in breaking this bad habit and forming a highly active (even participatory) attitude to the passages, at least long enough for you to pass your exam. However, repetition is the only way to overcome bad reading habits and form excellent ones. Therefore, in addition to reading strategies, you should experiment with the techniques covered here using the practise sets in these notes.

Each Reading Comprehension question aims to assess either of two fundamental skills:

• Your capacity to recall what you read;

• Your comprehension or understanding of what you read

The second ability may be more advanced because it calls for independent thought on your side. You’ll also notice that the majority of the questions are comprehension-based rather than memory-based, and it is this fact that should guide how you read the sections.

To comprehend (comprehend) a passage, you must be able to: recognise the thesis (or key concept) and the author’s main goal; and follow the author’s line of reasoning from paragraph to paragraph.

The following are a few common problems with reading comprehension:

Problem: You read slowly and can’t complete the assignment on time.
Solution: Pay more attention to the overall framework and primary ideas than the specifics.
Problem: You find it difficult to focus because your thoughts seem disorganised and the terminology used in the passage is foreign to you. You spend a lot of time looking up the details you need to answer the question in the passage.
Answer: Consider “Why the author wrote this passage.” Discuss each concept presented in the paragraph in detail with the author.
Problem: It’s difficult for you to select the single best response from among all of the possible ones.
Reading comprehension is the answer. Think like a test maker and keep in mind the passage’s main subject.

MDCAT Reading Comprehension Tips for Verbal Ability:

Make logical blocks out of the entire passage, each of which The Main Idea question type, however, is somewhat depending on how an idea is described. your comprehension and reading abilities. If you have fully grasped the overarching theme of the passage, always make logical links in your response to the key idea question.

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