MDCAT Step Test 26 Session 2022 With Answer Keys

MDCAT Step Test 26 Session 2022 With Answer Keys. The MDCAT Biology exam’s answer key may be found at Step 26 of the examination. Early practise exam for the PGC National Medical Device Certification Exam (nmdcat) in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, and English. Create a PDF file containing the whole thing.

MDCAT Test Step 26 MCQs:

For the ease of students we are typing some sample MCQs from step Biology test 26. Read online these multiple choice questions.

Q.1 are organic compounds of varying structural complexity associated with
regulation of chemical reactions:
A) Enzymes
C) Hormones
B) Apoenzymes
D) Vitamins

Q.2 Pick up the hormones which are steroids in nature:
A) Insulin and glucagon
B) ADH and oxytocin
C) Thyroxine, epinephrine and non-epinephrine
D) Estrogen and progesterone

Q.3 All of the followings are unpaired endocrine gland, EXCEPT:
A) Gonad
C) Parathyroid
B) Adrenal
D) Pituitary

0.4 The excess secretion of thyroxine causes a condition known as:
A) Dwarfism
C) Grave’s disease
B) Exophthalmic goitre
D) Cretinuism

0.5 The lack of antidiuretic hormone leads to:
A) Conservation of water
C) Antidiuresis
B) Diabetes mellitus
D) Diabetes insipidus

0.6 Isiets of Langerhans have small number of
cells which secrete
A) a, glucagon
C) a, insulin
B) B. glucagón
D) B, insulin

Q.7 Which one of the following involves in the production of milk?
A) Estrogen
C) Prolactin
B) Progesterone
D) Oxytocin

0.8 The blood calcium level is lowered by the deficiency of:
A) Adrenaline
C) Thyroxine
B) Parathormone
D) Calcitonin

0.9 A yellowish glandular structure formed in the ovary secretes:
C) Progesterone
D) Estrogen

Q.10 develops the endometrium and make it receptive for the implantation of the
A) Androgen
D) Progesterone

0.11 brings about an increase in blood glucose level mainly by its production from
protein and by antagonizing the action of insulin:
A) Epinephrine
C) Cortisol
B) Glucagon
D) Aldosterone

We hope this test of mdcat early prep 26 with keys will help you in the exam. For more notes and practice MCQs visit this blog.

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