Merit Lists Ghazi University New & Previous Years

Merit Lists Ghazi University New & Previous Years. New Merit Lists are announced on 19 SEP 2022. All the Candidates who applied on BS Programme Morning And evening . Merit Lists for Ghazi University’s DG Khan Campus, 2022 Merit Lists for Ghazi University will be released in 2023. Ghazi University BS Admission Merit Lists 2022, Ghazi university merit lists 2022, Ghazi university merit lists 2022, Ghazi university merit lists 2022, Ghazi university merit lists 2022, Ghazi university merit lists 2022, BS all progrm Merit lists Dera campus,BS merit lists, Bs botny merit lists, Bs zology merit lists,Bs chemistry merit lists,Bs English merit lists,Bs maths merit lists Merit Lists for Ghazi University will be released in 2022. Merit Lists for Ghazi University’s DG Khan Campus.

New Merit Lists 2022:

Merit List Schedule (Morning):


Ghazi University Merit Lists

Merit List Schedule (Evening):


Ghazi University Merit Lists

1st Morning Merit Lists 2022:

Admission Fall 2022 – Merit Lists

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Postgraduate/PhD

Undergraduate Merit Lists

Sr. No.Program NameMerit List 1Merit List 2Merit List 3
1BS ITDownloadDownloadDownload
2BBA (Hons.)DownloadDownloadDownload
3BS PhysicsDownloadDownloadDownload
4BS Accounting & FinanceDownloadDownloadDownload
5BS ChemistryDownloadDownloadDownload
6BS BotanyDownloadDownloadDownload
7BS EnglishDownloadDownloadDownload
8BS ZoologyDownloadDownloadDownload
9BS UrduDownloadDownloadDownload
10BS Digital MarketingDownloadDownloadDownload
11BS EconomicsDownloadDownloadDownload
12BS Environmetal ScienceDownloadDownload
13BS Food Science & TechnologyDownloadDownloadDownload
14BS ForestryDownload
15BS HistoryDownloadDownload
16BS Islamic StudiesDownloadDownloadDownload
17BS MathematicsDownloadDownloadDownload
18BS Pakistan StudiesDownloadDownload
19BS Political ScienceDownloadDownloadDownload
20BS SaraikiDownload
21BS StatisticsDownload
22BS. SociologyDownloadDownloadDownload
23B.Ed. (Hons.) ElementaryDownload
24BS BalochiDownload
25B.Sc. (Hons) AgricultureDownloadDownload
26BS Development StudiesDownload
27BS Supply Chain ManagementDownload

Admission’s Departmental Test Results Fall 2022:

Admission Fall 2022 – Merit Lists

Graduate Merit Lists:

Sr. No.Program NameMerit List 1
1BBA (2 Years)Download
2M.Sc (Hons) HorticultureDownload
3M.Sc (Hons) AgronomyDownload
4MSc. (Hons.) Plant PathologyDownload
5M.Sc (Hons) Agri EntomologyDownload
6M.Sc (Hons) Plant Breeding & GeneticsDownload
7M.Sc (Hons) Soil ScienceDownload
8M.Phil PhysicsDownload
9M.Phil HistoryDownload
10MS ITDownload
11M.Phil EducationDownload
12M.Phil EconomicsDownload

Ph.D. Merit Lists:

Sr. No.Program NameMerit List 1
1Ph.D. AgronomyDownload
2Ph.D. HistoryDownload
3Ph.D. PhysicsDownload
4Ph.D. Plant Breeding & GeneticsDownload
5Ph.D. ZoologyDownload
6B.Ed (1.5 Years)Download


Acceptance into Ghazi University Will have begun in the month of September 19, 2022 and the Upload of the Merit List. Visit our page to stay up to date with the most recent information.

BS Morning 1st Closing Merit Lists at Ghazi University:

Merit lists Of BBA B.Ed BS :

Quotas Merit Lists
Study ProgramDAESelf FinanceDisabled
BBA (Hons.)Download  
BSIT Download 
B.Ed 1.5 Years  Download
BS Sociology  Download
Merit lists Of BBA B.Ed BS

Evening Merit List 2021:

UnderGraduate ProgramsMerit List 1Merit List 2Merit List 3Merit List 4Merit List 5
BBA Hons.DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload——
BS BotanyDownloadDownload——————
BS ChemistryDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload——
BS EconomicsDownloadDownloadDownload————
BS EnglishDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS ITDownloadDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS MathDownloadDownload ——————
BS Pak Studies —— —– ——————
BS PhysicsDownloadDownloadDownload————
BS Political ScienceDownload —–Download————
BS SociologyDownloadDownload ——————
BS ZoologyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload——
Islamic StudiesDownloadDownload ——————
BS UrduDownloadDownloadDownload————
BS HistoryDownload ——– ——————
BS Environmental Science ——- —— ——————
BS Food Science TechnologyDownload —- ——————
BSc Agriculture —– —- ——————
BS Statistics —— —– ——————
Evening Merit List 2021

Morning Merit Lists 2021 :

UnderGraduate ProgramsMerit List 1Merit List 2Merit List 3Merit List 4Merit List 5
BBA Hons.DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS BotanyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS ChemistryDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS EconomicsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS EnglishDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS ITDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS MathDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS Pak StudiesDownloadDownloadDownload———-
BS PhysicsDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS Political ScienceDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS SociologyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS ZoologyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
Islamic StudiesDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS UrduDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS HistoryDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS Environmental ScienceDownloadDownloadDownload——-
BS Food Science TechnologyDownloadDownloadDownloadDownload
BS AgricultureDownloadDownloadDownload——-
BS Statistics———–Download———Download
Morning Merit Lists 2021

Bs merit lists, the Course Merit Form 2023 from DG Khan Degree Academy Block 17, and the BS Merit Form. Block designated for the Government Degree Academy. The Government Women’s College serves as a prototype community. 5.

Bs merit lists, the Course Merit Form 2023 from DG Khan Degree Academy Block 17, and the BS Merit Form. Block designated for the Government Degree Academy. The Government Women’s College serves as a prototype community. 5. The DG Khan Merit Lists for 2023 at Ghazi University

BS degrees in Urdu, Islamic Studies (Islamiat), Computer Science, Mathematics, Zoology, and English All accessible Merit Lists may be found on this website. BS GHazi University’s All Semester Merit Lists are now available on this website. All Program New Admission Start 2022.

Second merit lists 2021:

Ghazi University Admission FormDownload

MPhil Test Results for Admission Fall 2021:

MPhil EconomicsDownload
MPhil BotanyDownload
PhD AgronomyDownload
PhD Agri-EntomologyDownload
MSc(Hons) Agri-EntomologyDownload
MSc(Hons) PBGDownload
MSc(Hons) Soil ScienceDownload
MPhil Test Results for Admission Fall 2021
Admission Form 2021 Ghazi University Download

Merit Lists Previous Years of Ghazi University 2022 :

3rd merit lists 2022:

Graduate School for Government Employees and Women. The BS All Subjects-Planned Merit List (2022) Degree College No. 17 DG Khan is where the accolades for the BS Merit List Chemistry were earned.

Merit Lists of M.Phil :

M.Sc/M.Phil Programs1st Merit list
Merit Lists of M.Phil

GU PhD Merit Lists:

PhD Programs1st Merit List
GU PhD Merit Lists

GU Merit list BBA & B.Ed 2021:

1st Merit List
BBA – 2 YearsDownload
B.Ed 1.5 YearsDownload
GU Merit list BBA & B.Ed 2021
Ghazi University All BS Program Merit lists 2019 – 2021Click Here
Ghazi University All BS Program Admission Forms 2021Click Here

Admission Process:

Admission? Process:??
Candidates may also apply for admission directly at the university by sending their admission forms to the university administrative office. This option is available to candidates.
The procedure for admission may be found on the official website of Ghazi University in Dera Ghazi Khan, along with all the data and steps involved in the admissions process.

College/ UniversityGhazi University Dera Ghazi Khan
ClassBS ,FA,FSc,ICS Class
keywordBS Program ( Botany , Chemistry, Physics, Economics, English ) Class FA ,ICS , FSc Admission Open 2023
Admission Process

GU The merit lists 2023

1?B.Sc agriculture608
2?M.Sc horticulture2.64
3?M.Sc plant breeding & genetics2.91
4?M.Sc plant protection2.50
5?M.Sc soil & environmental science2.58
6?M.phil islamiyat71
7?B.S political science576
8?M.A education43
9?B.S chemistry1025
10?M.Sc chemistry633
13?M.Sc physics592
14?B.S physics955
15?M.Sc zoology63
16?B.S zoology79
17?M.phil zoology76
GU Merit List 2023

University of Ghazi, located in Ghazi. Dera Ghazi Khan Entry Test Result 2019, Merit Lists The results of the 2019 Entry Test will soon be made public by the University of Ghazi University in Dera Ghazi Khan. Candidates who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, including BE, B.Ed, BS, BBA, BPA, MA, MSc, MCS, MBA, MPA, M.Com, and Pharm D, and who are listed on the merit lists […]

Admissions information for Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan in 2022:

Dra Ghazi Khan, in the province of Punjab, Pakistan, is the location of Ghazi University. The current Chief Minister of Punjab, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, was the driving force behind the establishment of the university in the year 2012. It was called after the mercenary from Baluchistan who went by the moniker of Gazi Khan.

The college area and Radat are both within walking distance of the university, which may be found in the central part of the city. The university is comprised of two separate buildings. The first one is located on Airport Road, while the second one is in the neighbourhood of the institution where the student most recently attended classes. The campus that is located on College Road is referred to as the City Campus, while the campus that is located on Airport Road is referred to as the Airport Campus. Construction is now taking place on the airport campus.


A satellite campus of Faisalabad Agricultural University was established in Dra Ghazi Khan in 1998. Previously, the university had been located in Faisalabad. In addition, a branch campus of Bahauddin Zakariya University was created there in the year 2004. The Dera Ghazi Khan status of Ghazi University was bestowed upon the DG Khan Agricultural Institution, the BZU sub-campus, the graduate degree college, and the Ghazi Medical College on July 11, 2014.

Departments At the moment, Ghazi University is home to a total of 21 departments throughout its four operational faculties.

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences Faculty:

Department of Agronomy [Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Agronomy; Master of Science (Honors) in Agronomy; and Doctor of Philosophy in Agronomy]
[BSc (Hons) Horticulture and MSc (Hons) Horticulture] is offered by the Department of Horticulture.
Plant Breeding and Genetics Department [Bachelor of Science with Honors in PBG; Master of Science with Honors in PBG]
Department of Plant Protection [Bachelor of Science with Honors in Agricultural Entomology; Master of Science with Honors in Agricultural Entomology]
Soil and Environmental Sciences Department [Bachelor of Science with Honors in Soil and Environmental Sciences; Master of Science with Honors in Soil and Environmental Sciences]

The Art School’s Faculty:

Office of the English Language (BS & MA English)
a division devoted to the study of Islam (BS, MA Islamic Studies)
The History and Pakistan Studies Department (BS & MA History; BS & MA Pakistan Studies)
Division of Political Science and Public Affairs (BS & MA Political Science)
Urdu Department of Affairs (BS & MA Urdu)

The Department of Administration for Businesses (BBA, MBA, MS-BA)
Office of Economic and Social Research (BS & MSc Education)
Office of the Secretary of Education (BS & MA Education)
Sociology Division of the Department (BS & MSc Sociology)
College or University of Science

The Department of Botany offers degrees at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Master’s of Science levels.
Department of Chemistry (Bachelor of Science in Chemistry & Master of Science in Chemistry)
Computer Science and Information Technology Department (BSIT & MCS)
Department of Mathematics (B.S. in Mathematics & M.S. in Mathematics)

Department of Statistics (Bachelor of Science in Statistics & Master of Science in Statistics)
BS in Zoology, MS in Zoology, and MPhil/MS in Zoology are all offered under the Department of Zoology.

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