New Paper Pattern Scheme 2023 School Base Assessment

New Paper Pattern Scheme 2023 School Base Assessment. The new pattern of school base assessments for 2023 will be based on the national curriculum and will include a combination of summative and formative assessments. Summative assessments will include end-of-term examinations, end-of-year examinations, and standardized tests. Formative assessments will include class tests, ongoing assessments, projects, portfolios, and presentations. The examinations and tests will assess the student’s knowledge, understanding, and application of the national curriculum.

School Base Assessment Paper 2023:

This paper seeks to provide an assessment of the current state of school-based assessment in 2023. It will analyze the existing research on school-based assessment, explore the current trends in assessment, and discuss the implications of these trends for the future of school-based assessment. The paper will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of school-based assessment, and how it has been used to improve student learning. Finally, the paper will present a set of recommendations for school-based assessment in the future.


In the current information age, the focus of educational assessment has shifted from traditional paper-based assessments to more dynamic and interactive school-based assessments. School-based assessment refers to the use of technology and other tools to assess students’ knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts. This type of assessment involves a range of activities, including the use of tests, projects, portfolios, and other activities. It is often used to assess student achievement and to provide feedback to teachers on the performance of their students.

Existing Research on School-Based Assessment:

The existing research on school-based assessment is quite limited. Most of the research has focused on the effectiveness of the assessment tools and the results they produce.

The Formative Assessments:

The formative assessments will assess the student’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and collaborative learning. In order to ensure fairness, the assessments will take into consideration the students’ different learning styles and abilities. The assessments will also include accommodations for special needs students. New Paper Pattern Scheme, The new assessment scheme will be reviewed and evaluated annually to ensure that it is meeting the needs of the students and the school.

Model Paper SBA 2023:


English Class: 8

Time: 2 Hours

General Instructions:

1. Read the questions carefully before attempting.

2. All questions are compulsory. 3. Marks are mentioned against each question.

Part A: Reading Comprehension (25 Marks)

Q1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

New Paper Pattern Scheme, It was a bright Saturday morning. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing merrily. I was up early, as it was the first day of the new year. I had made a resolution to start this new year with a positive attitude and to make the best of every day. I decided to go for a walk in the nearby park. I was amazed to see so many people in the park. Everyone was enjoying the bright sunshine and the pleasant weather. There were children playing around, couples walking hand in hand, old people sitting on the benches, and birds chirping in the trees. It was a beautiful sight to behold. As I walked around the park, I noticed an old man who was sitting alone on a bench. He was wearing a tattered coat and looked quite sad. I thought of going up to.

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