NMDCAT All Tests With Keys Kips Biology Early Prep 2022

NMDCAT All Tests With Keys Kips Biology Early Prep 2022. Early Biology test preparation 2022 by PMC for nmdcat session. Biology MCQs and answers in Kips mdcat. Kips chapter-based practise exams for the MDCAT.

Kips unit wise tests 2022 of Biology. All tests are uploaded with answer keys.

Kips Early Prep Biology 2022

Here are some example multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from the KIPS early Biology 2022 exams. Examples of Kips PMC MCQs by Unit 3.

Which of these is incorrect about HIV?
A. Envelope is lipoprotein in nature
B. Cone shaped capsid
C. Contains one molecule of RNA
D. Two molecules of reverse transcriptase

Generally, viruses are resistant to all of the following except:
A. Interferon
B. Penicillin
C. Streptomycin
D) Lovastatin

The enzyme which is important to initiate the life cycle of bacteriophages and
perform catalytic activity in extracellular environment is:
A. Reverse transcriptase
B. RNA polymerase
C. Lysozyme
D. DNA polymerase

The life cycle of viruses in which viral DNA remain attached with host genome in
dormant form is called as:
A. Lysogenic Cycle
B. Infectious Cycle
C. Lytic Cycle
D. Master-slave cycle

Uncoating of HIV virion occurs:
A. Outside the host cell
B. In cytoplasm of the host cell
C. In nucleus of host cell
D. In nucleolus of the host cell

Hepatitis ‘A’ is also called as:
A. Serum hepatitis
B. Infusion hepatitis
C. Infectious hepatitis
D. Delta hepatitis

Mode of reproduction in viruses is:
A. Conjugation
B. Binary fission
C. Replication
D. Transformation

TOPICS: PMC UNIT WISE TEST Unit-3 Bioenergetics Acellular Life/Variety of life (Viruses)

It is the quantitative study of energy relationship and energy conversions in
biological systems:
A. Thermodynamics
B. Biochemistry
C. Thermo-chemistry
D. Bioenergetics

Actual source of oxygen produced during photosynthesis is:
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Water
C. Glucose
D. G3P

The incorrect statement for photosynthesis is:
A. It occurs during day time
B. It uses water
C. It requires chlorophyll
D. It uses Oxygen

All of the following are characteristics of head of chlorophyll except:
A. Flat and square
B. Light absorbing
C. Contains magnesium
D. Hydrophobic

A graph plotted showing absorption of different wavelengths of light by a pigment is called:
A. Photosynthetic spectrum
B. Absorption spectrum
C. Pigment spectrum
D. Action spectrum

All of the following functions are performed by carotenoids except:
A. Broaden the absorption spectrum
B. Protection of human eyes
C. Protection of chlorophyll molecules
D. Formation of ATP and NADPH

The main difference between PS-I and PS-Il lies in their:
A. Antenna complex
B. Chlorophyll ‘a’
C. Reaction center
D. Chlorophyll “b”

Kips mdcat Biology 2022 Test 1 with Keys download.

It is not an accessory pigment of photosynthesis:
A. Carotenes
B. Chlorophyll “b”
C. Chlorophyll ‘a’
D. Xanthophylls

is a kind of chemical linkage between catabolismond anabolism.
B. G3P

In light independent stage of photosynthesis, CO: combines with its acceptor
molecule, called and form an unstable 6-carbon intermediate.
A. Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate
C. Hexose sugar
D. Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate

All of the following contain a five carbon sugar except:
D. Rubisco

The part of chlorophyll molecule which absorbs light is:
A. Phytol
B. Long hydrocarbon chain
C. Porphyrin ring
D. Hydrophobic tail

All of the following are produced during light reactions of photosynthesis except:
B. Glucose
C. O2

Photosystem II is concerned with:
A. Photolysis of water
B. Formation of G3P
C. Reduction of CO2
D. Reduction of NADP”

The product of cyclic electron flow ist
A. O2

Download the answer keys for the Kips Early Test 3 Biology PMC exams.

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