Notes for ICS Computer Unit 2 according to the ALP Syllabus 2021

Notes for ICS Computer Unit 2 according to the ALP Syllabus 2021.ICS Computer Unit 2 essential MCQs, Short & Long questions notes. These notes include questions that were taken from previous examinations given by the Punjab and Federal Boards. MCQs based on the computing unit for the second year.

notes for the computer class of the 12th grade, including essential and already answered short problems from exams. ICS Notes for Computer Part 2, include crucial and lengthy questions taken from previously administered exams

Sample MCQs for Unit 2:

The following are some examples of multiple-choice questions that may be found in these notes. Before downloading the full chapter 2 notes, make sure to read these multiple-choice questions.

2nd Year Computer Short Questions Unit 2: Question 1 Question 2:

The examples of brief questions that are included in these ICS class notes for the 12th grade are as follows.

What exactly does it mean to be a Data Administrator?
To illustrate your explanation of primary, please create a table.
Who are these End-users, Anyway? determine the extent of their understanding about information technology.
What are the five responsibilities that a database administrator is responsible for?

Questions from the extensive computer chapter 2 of ICS Part 2:

The following are some examples of extensive questions taken from these notes on computers.

  • What are the many kinds of primary keys that may be used in databases? What are some of the functions that they do in DBMS?

Download the whole unit 2 notes for ICS Computer, which include short problems and MCQs that have been answered. In the event that the download button does not function as intended. The next step is to attempt refreshing the page in the hopes that it will resolve the issue.

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