Notes For Second Year of ICS Computer Unit 3 According to ALP 2021

Notes For Second Year of ICS Computer Unit 3 According to ALP 2021.ICS Computer unit 3 notes for the second year, including brief problems and MCQs from previous exams that have been answered. notes for the 12th grade computer science course, with all 10 boards questions answered. These notes are intended for students sitting for exams with the Punjab and Federal Boards.

MCQs for the ICS Computer Unit 3:

Check out some example multiple choice questions that come with these notes. Before downloading the whole notes, you need go through the online MCQs.

Unit 3 Short Answers:

This section of the notes from the computer contains some examples of multiple-choice questions. The answers to all of the short questions from the whole unit are available for download at the bottom of this page.

How would you summarise project planning in three phrases and provide an example?
What are some of the features that a Relationship has? Also include an illustration.
Notate the significance of an aspect of the character.
What is the purpose of an E-R diagram?

Download the PDF of the Chapter 3 Notes here:

Students can download all punjab boards past paper to related their subjects.You may now download entire unit notes, including MCQs and other questions that have been answered. Keep in mind that all of these notes are organised in accordance with the new study plan 2021. These notes have been compiled from previous annual reports dating from 2007 to 2019.

Helpful Resources for the Twelve Hundredth Grade:

You may also get the entire book notes for the computer course taken in the second year. Simply go to the website. Home page available for download on this blog. Should you like to prepare for your computer class online, then you should visit this site.

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