NTS Notes For GAT NTS Pdf Free Download Synonyms

NTS Notes For GAT NTS Pdf Free Download Synonyms. Notes on antonyms for the English logical thinking section of the GAT NTS and MCAT admission tests. Solved Practice MCQs for synonyms Antonym MCQs with solutions.

These notes include MCQs with answers for English aptitude. There are more than 100 antonyms in the pdf multiple choice questions and answers. With these remarks, there are additional antonym exercises.

Defining antonyms

The antonym questions are designed to test your vocabulary, particularly your comprehension of word meanings and ability to distinguish between subtle shades of meaning.

This style of inquiry demands strong school-level vocabulary. Strong vocabulary cannot be
It is not a significant stretch; it has grown immediately. We haven’t included the vocabulary of all the terms used in works out, but rather a major number of them because vocabulary is the foundation of antonyms queries.

By using the vocabulary provided toward the end of the activities, you can save time. For your convenience, I’ve included a thoroughly explained exercise that you can use as a general guide to manage the antonym question type.

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Notes on Antonyms Examples Solved

Each of the questions below consists of a word, then five more words or phrases. Select the phrase or term that most closely contrasts the word in meaning. Each question’s response can be found towards the conclusion of the question.


A. Sick
B. Healthy
C. Unrealizable
D. Selective
E. Chemicals

The right answer is B. Pathological here refers to a negative. characteristic, the correct choice is positive, (B). Healthy.


A. Separate
B. Pack
C. Bottom line
D. Scratch
E. Ambulatory

The right answer is B. Detach means to separate or unfasten. The best opposite is choice B Pack.

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