Packages Eligibility for Sharing Benefits with eSIM50

Packages Eligibility for Sharing Benefits with eSIM50. Due to several restrictions, data exchange was not feasible on the Mobily network. However, you can now share your local data, local calls, and minutes with a new eSIM on the road thanks to the new eSIM-50. In essence, the new eSIM50 allows for data exchange over the Mobily network. SAR 57.50 is how much the new eSIM 50 costs. To purchase one, go to any nearby Mobily shop or outlet.

Today, I’m going to go through the sharing eligibility requirements in great detail, including what kinds of packages are eligible, what kinds of resources may be shared, and so on. I’ll also show you how to activate and deactivate the benefits-sharing feature. Then, let us get started.

Packages Eligible for Benefit Sharing with eSIM50:

The only packages that can share advantages with your new eSIM50 are the three listed below. However, in the Kingdom, you are only allowed to have one active package under your Iqama ID. Therefore, postpaid 400 and/or postpaid 300 packages if you have an active RAQI. On a new eSIM line, you may immediately share your package perks including internet access, local calls, and SMS. There are a few things you should bear in mind, though. Please continue reading.

The next package benefits may be divided:

On your eSIM50, you have the ability to share an unlimited amount of calls, minutes, and SMS messages in addition to 100 GB of data with any valid RAQI postpaid 300 and 400 subscriptions. despite the fact that your current plan provides unlimited data. On the other hand, the maximum amount of postpaid data that may be used on the new eSIM line is 100 GB. Everything else may be freely distributed; it is entirely up to you to decide how to proceed.

Activation and Deactivation Code for Benefits Sharing:

You have the option of adopting one of two approaches, either of which will make it easier for you to enable or disable benefits sharing on your brand-new eSIM50. The following are the two straightforward methods that may be used to trade data, calls, and SMS:

Using Mobily App:

The official Mobily app may be downloaded and installed on your device here. Select Share Line Benefits under Line Managed. Now, make sure you follow the easy instructions that are presented on your computer. You will be asked to submit the recipient’s eSIM Mobily number, in addition to the data, call, or SMS sharing limit that you wish to apply. After everything is finished, you will get a confirmation text message on your phone.

Shared Benefits USSD Code:

Send the text “DT 05XXXXXXX” to 1100 to share your local data, and send the text “SO 05XXXXXXXX” to 1100 to share local SMS. To share local calls, send the text “MO 05XXXXXXX” to 1100. Keep in mind that the eSIM Mobily number should go after the “05XXXXXXXX”.

Send the text message “DDT 05XXXXXX” to 1100 in order to turn off the local data benefit sharing. Similarly, send the text message “DSO 05XXXXXX” in order to turn off the local SMS benefit sharing. Sending the SMS “DMO to 05XXXXXX” will cause the local calls to cease being exchanged.

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