Pairing Scheme ICS Computer Part 1 For All Punjab Boards 2022

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For the annual Punjab Boards Examination, the ICS Computer Pairing Scheme/Study Scheme 2022 will be used. Students studying for the annual examination in Computer Science, part 1 of the ICS. They are invited to make use of the computer partnering system/study scheme 2022, which may be found on the website mentioned. These guidelines will explain you exactly what will take place during your final exam and when it will take place. Because of this useful piece of information, you will be able to properly structure your preparations. Students who are interested in learning more about these paired topics can also take a look at the following links, which contain both an overview and extra material. Download the 11th Mathematics pairing scheme in PDF format.

The Punjab Board of Examination Control Branch has just published a study plan for I.CS computer students who are enrolled in the university. This is a fantastic opportunity for the applicants to earn high scores in the exam. Basically, you should study the topics and questions that are provided in this first-year computer science pairing scheme for 2022. Without a doubt, you will earn excellent results in the final yearly Board exams.

This plan for the year 2022 will also save time by eliminating the need to prepare useless study material. It has been discovered through research that more than 90% of applicants who follow these types of study plans in their examination preparation receive an A in their final grade. So, what are you waiting for? Simply download the pairing scheme 2022 and get to work on your homework.

Pairing Scheme ICS Computer 2022:

There are a variety of advantages that can be gained through participating in the entire Punjab Board Assessment Scheme 2022. However, there are some significant advantages. Provides a generalised concept as to the types of questions that would be on the paper in 11th grade There is a better grasp of the number of multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions that will appear on the test paper as a result of this. It provides insight into the chapters from which these various question kinds might be drawn, among other things. For computer systems students in their first years of study, this illustrates how many questions would be derived from each chapter.

Along with the 1st year computer science pairing scheme, we also supply some supplemental supporting material that can assist you in reaching a 100 percent exam pass rate.. For example, you can gain access to 11th grade notes that have been prepared by experienced teachers and tutors. You can also obtain the whole syllabus for a particular subject to examine it and learn what is required before to sitting for an exam on that subject.

More importantly however, if you would like to know your level of readiness for an upcoming test, we provide students with the opportunity of completing practise tests beforehand so that they may walk into the test feeling confident about their performance in terms of grading criteria (e.g., difficulty level). Finally, keep up your studying through these various techniques and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to thoroughly examine everything before sitting the examinations because it is ultimately this that will determine how well you perform!

Pairing Scheme ICS Computer MCQs (Objective):

ChapterNo. of MCQ’SUnitMCQ’S
Pairing Scheme 2022 ICS Computer

Short Question:

Unit NoNo. of Questions
Pairing Scheme ICS Computer

Long Question:

  • No.5 from Unit 1 Long Question
  • No.6 from Unit 2 Extensive Questions
  • No.7 from Chapter 3 Questions No.5 from Unit 1
  • Questions No. 8 and No. 9 from Unit 5 and Unit 6 respectively

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