Part 1 Fsc Biology Unit 10: Kingdom Animalia Short and Long MCQs

Part 1 Fsc Biology Unit 10: Kingdom Animalia Short and Long MCQs. kingdom animalia mcqs with answers. kingdom animalia mcqs pdf. 1st year biology chapter 10 short questions. kingdom animalia mcqs pdf for mdcat 11th class. Fsc part 1 biology mcqs with answers pdf. Biology short questions answers for class 11 chapter wise pdf. kingdom animalia pdf notes. Mcqs of biology 1st year chapter 1 with answers.

Fsc Biology part 1 unit 10 key multiple-choice questions (MCQs), both short and long. MparCQs for each unit of Biology in 11th grade. Important brief question for 1st-year Biology students. Important lengthy questions from prior examinations for 1st-year Biology students.

Fsc Part 1 Biology Unit 10: Kingdom Animalia MCQs:

Kingdom Animalia MCQs of chapter 10 are available in pdf in below page of this post.

MCQs from previous exams for FSC biology chapter 10:

Students can find previous years exam paper from 2014-2021 in pdf ,end of this post.

Short Questions for Unit 10: Kingdom Animalia:

  1. What is the definition of bilateral symmetry? As an example
  2. What are the characteristics of diploblastic animals? As an example
  3. What role do sponges play in the economy?
  4. What are the similarities and differences between arthropods and annelids?
  5. What are the basic characteristics of chordates?
  6. What adaptations do birds have for their flying manner of life?
  7. Explain how sponges have a skeleton.
  8. Define the term polymorphism.
  9. Make a distinction between piokilothermic and homeothermic animals.
  10. What are the consequences of a hook worm infestation in children?

Important Long Questions from Chapter 10 of 11th Biology:

(a) Describe Platyhelminthes’ parasitic adaptations. What effect does the tape worm have on a person?

(b) Make a list of the phylum Arthropoda’s general traits.

(c)What are coral reefs and how do they work? How do they come to be?

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