Past Papers Notes ICS Computer Unit 4 2nd Part 2021

Past Papers Notes ICS Computer Unit 4 2nd Part 2021.ICS 2nd-year computer science chapter-wise solutions notes containing MCQs and short questions. Computer notes unit 4 taken from previous years’ ICS annual examination papers administered by the Punjab Board.

A Plus computer successfully completed all of the previous papers in accordance with the smart syllabus 2021. These scribbles were taken from the many boards that are listed below.

Boards for the ICS Computer Unit 4 Previous Papers:

  • Sahiwal Board Multan Board Lahore Board Bahawalpur Board D.G Khan Board Faisalabad Board Sargodha Board Lahore Board Rawalpindi Board Gujranwala Board

MCQs for the 12th class Computers:

Here is a selection of the multiple-choice questions that are included in these notes. The AP Smart Syllabus for 2021 has been taken into consideration for each question.

Important Short Questions From Chapter 4:

These are some example questions for longer ones that are included in these notes. Which are compiled from prior exams taken by the whole province of Punjab.

Database irregularities, including naming them and providing definitions for each.
When does the Relation become its third normal form?

Download the Full Notes for Unit 4 here:

You are now able to download the finished chapter 4 notes for the 12th grade.

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