PEC School-Based Assessment Papers Grade 1 to 8 2023

PEC School-Based Assessment Papers Grade 1 to 8 2023. PEC School-based Assessment 2023 will be given to students in grades 1 to 8. It will be given to students in all grades. SBA 2023 for all grades has been released by the Punjab Examination Commission. This includes SBA 2023 for all grades. It’s easy to find SBA papers for grades 1 through 8, and they cover all subjects, from English language arts (ELA) and math to computer science and Urdu. They also include SST (Social Studies), Islamiat, and the Nazra Quran. In the SBA 2023 item bank, there are already-made papers for the following grades or classes:

  • Grade 1 PEC School-Based Assessment 2023 PDF file
  • Bank papers in pdf is a class 2 SBA 2023 item
  • A pdf of Grade 3 School-Based Assessment papers for 2023 is here
  • Exam papers for Grade 4 in pdf format from the school
  • Grade 5 school-based tests in 2023
  • There will be a paper bank in the 6th Class SBA 2023 item
  • the 7th-grade School-Based Assessment for 2023 in pdf format can be found here
  • Grade/Class 8 SBA 2023 Papers cover every subject

PEC SBA Papers 2023 All Subjective:

School-based evaluation papers are going to be given in all districts of Punjab schools in 2023, the Punjab Examination Commission says. This means that all districts of Punjab schools will get them. All government schools will use items from the PEC’s item bank when they write school-based evaluation papers.

On May 9, 2023, the papers for SBA 2023 should be sent in. It has already been put on this website, which has the whole schedule for the SBA test. It has already been done. All of the classes from grades 1 to 8 are on this date sheet, as well as all of the assignments.

PEC School-Based Assessment 2022-23 Papers All Subjects:

In the school year 2022-23, the Punjab Examination Commission will announce a schedule for the distribution of school-based evaluation papers throughout all of the districts that make up Punjab’s educational system. The PEC will provide an item bank, and all government schools will perform school-based evaluation papers using items from that item bank.

Grade I SBA PapersDownload
Grade II SBA PapersDownload
Grade III SBA PapersDownload
SBA Papers Grade IVDownload
Grad V SBA PapersDownload
SBA Papers Grade VIDownload
Grade VII SBA PapersDownload
Grade VIII SBA PapersDownload

Papers for SBA 2022 are due on May 9, 2022. The whole SBA examination date sheet has already been published on this page. This date sheet includes a comprehensive schedule for all classes from grades 1 to 8.

In Pakistan, the process of school-based evaluation for grades I through VIII is considerably different from that used in other nations. Standardized examinations are employed in most industrialized countries to measure pupils’ academic ability at certain grade levels.The PEC assesses student learning using a number of ways, including oral examinations, written tests, and practical assessments.

For one thing, the evaluation is carried out by the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) rather than by the institutions themselves. Second, rather than focusing on a particular point in time, the emphasis is on monitoring student achievement across time. This makes comparing children from various schools more challenging, but it does give a more realistic picture of student growth.

Types of PEC Exams:

The Annual Examination and the Supplementary Examination are the two different types of exams that the PEC administers.

The PEC examination system evaluates the academic performance of students in grades I through VIII on a provincial level. The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board’s established curriculum serves as the foundation for the test (PCTB). There are two components to the PEC exam: Part A and Part B. Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are all covered in Part A. English, Urdu, and Islamiat/Pakistan Studies are all covered in Part B.

Large Scale Assessment:

In this examination, the kids from a certain number of schools throughout Punjab’s districts are examined. On the basis of the evaluation’s findings, recommendations for improving teaching and learning are made.

Student Performance in LSA:

The PEC Report 2022–2023 states:

  • In English, students of SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 65%, 63%, and 59% respectively.
  • In Mathematics, students of SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 68%, 63%, and 60% respectively.
  • In Urdu, students of both SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 67%, 67%, and 62% respectively.
  • In Science; students of SED, PEF, and PEIMA scored 72%, 69%, and 56% respectively. While the overall achievement of teachers is 84%, 80%, and 79% in SED, PEF, and PEIMA schools respectively.

School-Based Assessment Policy Framework:

For the first time, PEC used globally accepted tools to carry out a comprehensive assessment of learning outcomes across classrooms and courses.

According to the assessment policy framework, there are essentially two different kinds of evaluations to choose from.

  • School-Based Assessment
  • Large Scale Assessment

How to Make School-Based Test Papers in 2023:

The process for doing the school-based evaluation is simple. URL: The Punjab examination commission sent each school a link that had their names and a password for each person who used it. People who are in charge of schools can use a special login to get into the PEC item bank-creating website.

SBA Papers 2023, Grades 1 & 2, Are Available for Download:

Grade 1 SBA Paper 2023
Grade 2 SBA Paper 2023
SBA 2022 Grade 1 & 2

SBA 2022 Grade 3 With Keys:

Grade 3 SBA 2023 pdf
SBA 2023 Grade 3 With Keys

SBA Grade 4 With Keys 2023:

SBA 2023 Grade 4 All Subject pdf
SBA 2022 Grade 4 All Subject pdf

SBA Grade 5 All Subjects 2023:

Grade 5 School Based Assessment PDF
Grade 5 School Based Assessment PDF

SBA 6th Class 2023 All Subjects:

SBA 2023 6th Class pdf All Subject
SBA 2023 6th Class All Subjects

SBA Grade 7 2023 Answer Keys All Subject:

SBA 2023 Grade 7 Download Paper
SBA 2023 Grade 7 Answer Keys All Subject

School Base Assessment Grade 8 Papers 2023:

Download SBA Paper 2023 Grade 8
Download SBA Paper 2023 Grade 8

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