PEC Statement School-Based Assessment Detail 2023

PEC Statement School-Based Assessment Detail 2023. In relation to the “School-Based Assessment SBA 2023,” the Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) sent a notice to all Chief Executive Officers (DAEs) in the state of Punjab on November 10, 2021, telling them that the following will be the mode.

A::For grades 1-8, students will be tested on their knowledge of the whole curriculum

B::The SNC 2021 will be used as the basis for the evaluation for grades 1 through 5, whereas the National Curriculum 2006 will be used for grades 6 through 8

  • The evaluation for grades 1 and 2 will be verbal, and it will include questions of the objective type (multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false, etc.), in addition to short answer and constructed response questions (CRQs).
  • Written multiple-choice questions (MCQs), short answer questions, and constructed response questions will make up the assessment for grades 3 through 8. (CRQs).
  • Although the weighting of MCQs and CRQs for grades 3-8 will be the same, there is a possibility that it will differ somewhat between grades.
  • The examination of Islamiat will be worth 100 marks, and the assessment of the Nazra Quran will be worth 50 marks; this will be a separate compulsory topic for Muslims pupils in grades 1 through 5, and it will be required of them.
  • Non-Muslim students in grades 1 through 5 will receive a total of 100 marks for their evaluation of Ethics and Religious Education. This will be equivalent to 150 marks in place of Islamiat’s 100 marks and Nazra Quran’s 50 marks.

C::PEC will make the item bank available to schools for grades 1 through 8 for core courses including English, Urdu, Mathematics, General Knowledge/Science, Islamiat/Ethics, Social Studies/Geography, and Computer Education. Following the same format, the schools and teachers will be responsible for preparing the assessments for the remaining elective subjects.

D:: The item bank will be made available to schools via PEC’s Item Bank System (IBS), allowing students to build their own SBA papers, keys, and grading rubrics for use in the administration and grading of SBA tests.

E::Later on, information regarding the dates of SBA 2022 will be given.

Therefore, it has been demanded of each and every CEO that they communicate the pattern of assessment to their respective field formations and schools, both public and private, so that teachers can align their lessons with the assessment of students and the coverage of the curriculum.

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