Physics 1st Year Pairing Scheme All Punjab Board 2022

Physics 1st Year Pairing Scheme All Punjab Board 2022.Pairing Scheme 2022 In the field of physics, many of the concepts are either mathematical or have to do with the taking of measurements. You will acquire knowledge in elementary physics about topics such as motion, force, work, and energy, to name just a few of the many topics covered. You need to know these fundamentals in order to comprehend any of the other significant concepts in physics. Each area of research, such as mechanics, optics, and thermodynamics, has its own distinct set of guidelines, definitions, and procedures to follow. It may take a lifetime to comprehend a single concept in its entirety.

Physics Fsc 1st Year Study Scheme 2022:

In order to make things less difficult for us as new students, MDCATustad provided us with a study plan that was based on the Punjab Examination Boards. If we divide each subject into weeks, not only will we be able to keep up with all that has to be done, but we will also be able to keep track of our grades. The fundamental aspects of the study of physics can be divided down into these three categories. The first category of component is an objective one. Multiple choice questions. The second section consists of a few multiple-choice questions taken from the Punjab book. The third section consists of lengthy, in-depth questions that students must answer to receive marks.

This is the pairing and study schedule that is used in every Punjab Boards institute in Pakistan for 2022. The URL to the list may be found at “ punjab” and its target attribute is “blank.” Its rel attribute reads “noreferrer noopener.” The list of Punjab Boards that will use this matching strategy in 2022 can be found below.

Physics Distribution Scheme Multiple Choice Questions :

Scheme Multiple Choice Questions 2022

Short Questions: How the Points Are Divided:

Unit    QuestionsChapter    QuestionsUnit    Questions
    1                    4   4                    3    9                  3
    2                    3   5                    3    10                2
    3                    4   7                    3    11                4
    6                    1   8                    3 
Short Questions: How the Points Are Divided 2022

Scheme for Long Questions Physics:

Ch-2      Ch-3Ch-4    Ch-8Ch-5     Ch-6Ch-7      Ch-11Ch-9   Ch-10
(A)          (B)(A)         (B)(A)          (B)(A)            (B)(A)        (B)
Scheme for Long Questions Physics 2022

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11th Physics Pairing Scheme Punjab Board 2022

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