Physics Entry Test MCAT Unit 4 Solved MCQs Assessment Test

Physics Entry Test MCAT Unit 4 Solved MCQs Assessment Test. On this online quiz, the multiple choice questions covering the following topics are included: – Work Done by Forces That Are Constantly Acting The Work Done by a Number of Different Forces Work carried out by the gravitational field, Power, Energy, and the Interconversion of Potential and Kinetic Energy, in addition to the Conservation of Energy – Nonconventional or Alternative Forms of Energy.

Physics Unit 4 MCAT Solved MCQs:

The concepts of power, force, and energy, as well as their interrelatedness, will be easily understood by the students. Free online MCQs tests covering Chapter 4 of the FSC Part 1 of Physics are available to all students. These tests are beneficial and significant. Right now, you may view the chapter 4 multiple-choice questions for the eleventh-grade physics class. After practising with these important multiple-choice questions (MCQ), students in the eleventh grade will have a better chance of passing the physics board test

. For the aim of developing these important multiple-choice tests (MCQs) for the students of FSC Part 1, our highly skilled and experienced instructors worked hard and gathered the best and most important material from a variety of useful sources. The answers to all of these multiple-choice questions are delivered to students at the conclusion of the test, and the students are also shown their scores so that they may review any mistakes that they made. The replies made by students that are wrong are underlined. Your education should begin with the chapter 4 of physics pdf online MCQ test, which can be found on the website right now for your convenience.

Unit 4 Assessment MCQs:

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The ratio of angular accretions of point A to that of It”
A) 1: 1
C) 3 :2
B) 2 :3
D) 1:6
A satellite appears to be at rest when seen from the equator. Its height from the earth surface is nearly
A) 35600 km
C) Such a satellite cannot exist
B) 356000 km
D) 6400 km
2xr subtends an angle of
A) I radian ‘
C) 4 radian
B) 2 radian
D) 2x rad
A body moving in a circular path with a constant speed has a
A) Constant velocity
C) Constant kinetic energy
B) Constant acceleration
D) Constant displacement
 A point on the km of a wheel 4 m in diameter has a velocity of 1600 cm s”‘. The
Angular velocity of the wheel is
A) 2md$”j
C) 4 rad s”‘
8)6 rad s”‘
D) 8 rad s”‘
A flywheel gains a speed of 540 rpm in 6 second. Its angular acceleration is
A) 3 x rad
C) 6 x rad s-2
8)9 Le rad s
D) l2krads”?
If the distance between the earth and the sun is reducing to one fourth, then the
number of days in one year approximately
A) 183
D) 365
A point On the rim or wheel 4 m in diameter has a velocity of 1600 cm s”1 The
Angular velocity of the wheel is.
A) 2 rad S”‘
C) rad
D) 8 rads

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