Physics Key Points MDCAT Fsc 1st Year PDF Download

Physics Key Points MDCAT Fsc 1st Year PDF Download . 1st year Physics unit-by-unit critical points for the students of Fsc and mdcat entry test preparation. MDCAT Physics key points fsc part 1.

Key Points for MDCAT Physics:

Here are some sample key points from Fsc part 1.

• A central force is that which cannot produce torque.
• Two equal and opposite force acting along the same line of action will result in translational as well as rotational equilibrium.
• When two or more than two forces acting on a common point, the forces are called concurrent forces.
• If a metallic bob is suspended by a string in the vertical plane, it will be in complete equilibrium.
• When three forces acting at a point are in equilibrium, then each force is numerically greater than the difference of the two.
• The minimum number of forces that keep the body in equilibrium are 2.
• Whenever there is spin motion then force will act away or towards the centre.
• Total weight of a body acts at its centre of gravity.

• Real and apparent weight becomes equal in inertial frames, static frames and frames moving with uniform velocities.
• A couple produces rotational motion.
• More viscous mobile oils are used in motorcycles in summer than in winter because viscosity decreases with increase in temperature.
• When a paratrooper attains a terminal speed then drag force is equal to weight.
• At terminal velocity acceleration is zero.
• In cold region we prefer an engine oil of low viscosity.
• A small and a large rain drops are falling through air then large drop moves faster.

Physics Key Points PDF Download:

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