Physics MDCAT Assessment Stars Academy 2022

Physics MDCAT Assessment Stars Academy 2022. MDCAT Physics exam with solution manuals. Stars Academy participates in every evaluation exam. Each test’s conclusion includes an answer key.

Sample MCQs from the Stars Academy’s Physics assessment tests:

A long solenoid has radius a and number of turns per unit length ‘i, If it carries a current /’then the magnetic field on its axis is directly proportional to
A) anl
B) 11/
Cl n//cl
D) n’ I
If the transformer is used in 120 V AC mainline to developed 24 V then the turn ratio will be:
A) 1.5
B) 5 1
D) 2 3
The transformer is used to increase or decrease emf. The quantity which remains unchanged
A) Voltage
B) Cl Frequency of voltage
C) Current
D) None of these
Which one of the following is also referred to as electrical inertia?
A) Magnetic flux
B) resistance
Cl Flux density
D) Self-inductance
If the current in the primary of the transformer is 2 A due to an alternating voltage of 200 V output of this transformer is 100 W. The efficiency will be:
A) 25 %
B) 50 %
Cl 75 %
D) 33 %
40. In a step-up transformer the turn ratio is 1:2. A dry cell of emf 1.5V is connected across primary. The voltage developed across secondary would be:
A) 1.5 V
B) 3.5 V
41. The secondary coil of an ideal transformer resistance 8.0 CL The r.m.s current in the across the primary coil?
A) 3.5 V
B) 5.0 V
42. The resistance of a wire is doubled if
A) its radius and length both are double
B) Its radius is doubled and length is halved
cl Its radius is halved and length is doubled
D) Its radius and length both are halved
43. When a current flows through a conductor,
A) Increases
B) Decreases
44. What carries current in an electrolyte?
A) Electrons only
B) +ve ions only
Cl Zero
D) None of these

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