Physics MDCAT Kips Solved MCQs Unit Wise Test

Physics MDCAT Kips Solved MCQs Unit Wise Test . MDCAT kips Contains both answer keys and unit-based exams 2022 for the subject of physics. The KIPS entrance exam series’s answer keys are available here. mcqs for the study guides of the kips entrance test. physics review guide for the KIPS MDCAT exam.

Physics Unit Wise Kips MDCAT

Here is sample picture of kips physics tests with answer keys.

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Kips mdcat Physics Sample MCQs

Frequency which are multiple of fundamental are called
(a) Harmonics
(b) Nodal frequency
(c) Beat frequency
(d) Doppler frequency
The electromagnetic wave theory was proposed by
(a) Newton
(b) Huygens
(c) Maxwell
(d) Einstein
The path change of 180° is equivalent to a path difference of
(a) λ/2
(b) 3λ/2
(c) 2λ
(d) λ
Yellow light from a sodium lamp is used to form Newton’s rings. The central spot in Newton’s ring will be
(a) yellow
(b) white
(c) bright
(d) dark
Kinetic energy per mole of an ideal gas is
(a) 3/2 KT
(b) 3/2 RT
(c) 2/3 KT
(d) 2/3 RT
Heat energy cannot be measured in
(a) J
(b) B.T.U
(c) K
(d) Calorie
Thermostat is a device use to keep _______ constant
(a) temperature
(b) entropy
(c) heat
(d) pressure
Fahrenheit and Celsius scale coincide at
(a) -40°
(b) -273°
(c) 273°
(d) 0°

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