Physics Unit Wise Test Part 1 In Pdf Download

Physics Unit Wise Test Part 1 In Pdf Download.The unit-wise problems for Physics FSC Part 1 have been solved. All of the quizzes and multiple-choice questions are for the purpose of online preparation for the admission test and the fsc examination. Physics Unit Wise Test,You may get 11th Grade Physics exams organised by chapter here.

Table of Contents for Physics Fsc Part 1:

Physics Final Year Project Part 1 Unit-Wise Tests Solved

First, a Discussion of Measures
Vector and Equilibrium is the Topic of Chapter 2
The Third Chapter: Force and Motion
Work and Energy Covered in Chapter 4
Circular Motion is the Topic of Chapter 5.
The Dynamics of Fluids, Chapter 6
Oscillations are the topic of Chapter 7.
The Waves Chapter
Optics and the Physical World, Chapter 9
Optical Instruments is the topic of Chapter 10.
Thermodynamics is covered in Chapter I, Part I.

Part 1 of Chapter 1 of Physics FSC:

The unit-wise problems for Physics FSC Part 1 have been solved.

The scientific discipline known as physics is essentially quantitative in nature.

(a) basic quantities


(c) carrying out experiments and making measurements

(d) a recounting of the events in question

Download the answers to the multiple-choice problems in the chapter 1 Measurement of the 11th grade Physics book.

FSC Physics Part 1 Chapter 2 Equilibrium and the Vector:

The unit-wise problems for Physics FSC Part 1 have been solved.

The addition of many vectors yields one vector, which is referred to as the (a) component vector, (b) product vector, (c) outcome vector, and (d) position vector.

Download the second chapter of Physics 11 here. Vector and Equilibrium completed multiple-choice problems.

Chapter 3 of physics fsc part 1 Force and motion

Typical multiple-choice question of chapter 3 Both Force and Motion

If a projectile is launched at an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal, then the range of the projectile might be any one of the following: (a) Infinite (b) Minimum (c) Maximum (d) Zero

Download the answers to all of the multiple-choice questions that cover Chapter 3 of the 11th Physics book.

Work and Energy is part of the first year of physics:

a sample question with multiple choice answers from the chapter titled “Work and Energy.”

Find the force that does not exhibit conservatism.
(a) The force of elasticity (b) the force of gravitational attraction (c) the force of frictional attraction (d) the force of magnetic attraction

Download the answers to all of the multiple-choice questions that cover Chapter 4 of the 11th Grade Physics book.

Chapter 5 of 1st-year physics is on circular motion:

On an elevator that is going down with an acceleration of a, there is a man who weighs W and is standing there. 

Determine the man’s apparent weight by choosing one of the following options: a) mg + ma b) mg c) mg – ma d) 2md – ma

Download the answers to all of the multiple-choice problems in Chapter 5 of the 11th Grade Physics Book.

Fluid Dynamics in First Year Physics:

Chapter Oscillations in 1st Year Physics:

Chapter Waves in First Year Physics:

Chapter 9 of first-year physics Optics:

Chapter Optical Instruments in First Year Physics:

Thermodynamics, Chapter 11 of First Year Physics:

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