PMS Biology MCQs Answers Assessment 2022

PMS Biology MCQs Answers Assessment 2022. PMS Biology practise questions from the 2022 uhs and nums entrance exams. All medical college admission exams in Pakistan’s private and public sectors were used to collect the MCQs.

The vesicle forming phragmoplast originate during:
a) lnterphase
(b) Prophase
(c) Metaphse
(d) Telophase
Tho armored mammal thatllve only In Amodca is:
(a) Echidna
(b) Pangolin
(c) Porcupine
(d) Armadillo
The problem In which contraction of ontlre muscl0 takes place and it lasts for just a few second to 6ovcral noun Is:
(a) Tetanus
(b)  Tetany
(c) Cramp
(d) Muscle fa6gue
The succession in pond is called:
(a) Derosene
(b) Xemsene
(cl Hydrosere
d) Mesosere
Which cells secrete testosterone:
(a) Prostrate gland
(b) Seminal vesicle
(cl Interstitial cells
(d) Folkle cells
Drifting or floating microscoping animals and plants are called:
(a) Plankton
(b) Cyandobacterja
(cl Fungi
(d) Mammals
The smaller number of cl cells in pancreas secrete:
(a) Insulin
(b) Glucagon
(c) Antidiuretic hormone
(d) Water
Which part of brain monitor the body temperature:
(a) Thalamus
(b)  Pons
(cl Hypothalamus
(d) Amygdala
About 50% cases of MODY are caused by mutations in:
(a) Kinase gene
(b) Galactoxinase gene
(c) Glucokinase gene
(d) Pnoteinase
Children with severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome (SCID) lack enzy me
(a) Adensoine deaminase (ADA)
(b) LH
(c) FSH
(d) Vasopressin
At the cephalic end of primitive streak, closely packed cells form local t!’ che” ‘i known as:
(a) Primitive gut
(b) Primitive ridges
(c) Hensen’s node
(d) Splanchnic mesoderm
The joint that allows the movement in two directions:
(a) Hinge joint
(b) Ball and socket joint
(c) Cartdaginous joint

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