Sample Paper and Key Questions for the PMC MDCAT

Sample Paper and Key Questions for the PMC MDCAT. Every subject MCQ from the PMC MDCAT sample test for 2022, along with answers. example test questions for biology, chemistry, physics, and english. Download the PDF files for all of the TEPS MDCAT Tests’ solution manuals.

Sample PMC (PAKISTAN MEDICAL COMMISSION) test questions are available for all subjects. With solutions, the PMC MDCAT 2021 Biology practise test. Sample MDCAT Physics questions and answers from the Pakistan Medical Commission for MDCAT Chemistry practise exams from 2021.

We provide thorough examples of questions that have been released by PMC here at MDCATUSTAD. The test questions for all subjects can be downloaded via the URL provided below.

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Version 1 of sample exam questions for English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics across all courses.


To get the PMC example questions version 2, visit the link below.


PMC NUMS has posted an authentic MDCAT 2021 sample paper that covers all four subjects (English, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry).


PMC MDCAT Biology Sample Paper:

Check out a few examples of multiple-choice questions from the Biology 2022 exam.

The viruses that can infect bacteria include the e.coli, pox, bacteriophage, and virophage viruses.

What of the following causes of death in children are NOT affected by nutrition?
None of these are affected by nutrition

Identify the TRUE fact about the virus
the viruses were discovered 2 billion years ago
the viruses came from outer space
viruses evolved before bacteria
they can infect all types of cells

HIV differs from many viruses because it has high genetic___

Question Examples for Version 3:


Sample test questions for chemistry:

MDCAT Chemistry sample paper MCQs and questions with keys.

The mass of one mole of the electron is
8 mg.
54 mg.
64 mg

In the gaseous state, the distance between the molecules is _ times _ than their diameters.
2, lesser
3, lesser
3, greater
2, greater

The value of Planck’s constant ‘h’ is
6.626 x 1 -3 KJs
6.262 x 1 -3 Js
6.626 x 1 -3 Js
6.262 x1 -3K Js

The radius of an electron orbit in a hydrogen atom is of the order of
a. 1 -8 m
b. 1 -1 m
c. 1 -11 m
d. 1 -13 m

line spectrum of sodium contains __ colored lines separated by a
definite distance
one yellow
two yellow
two brown
two golden

Version 3 Sample Questions:


Physics PMC Sample Questions 2022:

Read these sample questions of Physics before downloading the full sample paper.

We can calculate the velocity of an object from the displacement-time graph by
a. calculating the area under graph
b. finding the gradient of displacement- time graph
c. calculating area above the graph
d. finding the length of the graph

Version 3 Sample Questions:


Sample Questions for English Logical Reasoning 2022:

Look at this series: 12, 11, 13, 12, 14, 13, … What number should come next?

A. Assume that floors are polished on consecutive days but all other scheduling
policies are untampered. For how many of the days can it be determined whether
plants are watered and floors are polished?

Version 2 Sample Questions:


Logical reasoning sample question paper MDCAT 2022. Version 3 Sample Questions:


PMC TEPS Solution Keys by Date:

30 August 2022 PMC MDCAT test answer keys in pdf complete papers.

31 August 2022 TEPS MDCAT answer keys in pdf version with original MCQs.

1st September 2022 TEPS keys given pdf form can download from the below link.

2nd September 2022 TEPS Keys.

TEPS MDCAT Answer keys of 3rd September 2022 download in pdf.


We recommend you read and download the MDCAT 2022 syllabus from the below link.


For PMC MDCAT 2022 Paid practice tests click here to download all tests.

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