SBA School Based Assessment Grade 3 of All Subjects 2023

SBA School Based Assessment Grade 3 of All Subjects 2023-School-based assessment of all subjects in Grade 3 in accordance with the SNC (single national curriculum), complete with keys. English, mathematics, science, Urdu, general knowledge, ethics, and Islamiat are all covered in the SBA 2023 item bank paper. Item bank for class 3 from the PEC (Punjab Examination Commission), complete with answer keys. Download all of the papers in pdf format. The following is a list of subjects for Large Scale Assessment 2022, along with the SBA 2023 item bank.

  • SBA paper English 2023
  • SBA paper Mathematics 2023
  • SBA Urdu item bank 2023
  • school-based assessment of Islamiat paper
  • School-based assessment of Science paper
  • School-Based assessment of Ethics Paper

School-Based Assessment of Grade 3 English (LSA 2023) :

  1. Make use of a mask and maintain a minimum 3-foot distance between you and the other person.
  2. Read the material carefully and attempt all of the questions.
  3. To answer each Multiple Choice Question (MCQ), draw a circle around the correct option, as shown in the example below.

School-Based Assessment of Grade 3 English Medium:

SBA Grade 3 objective:

SBA Grade 3 Subjective:

Download SBA MCQs

SBA Urdu Paper 2023:

Download the class 3 Urdu paper along with the answer keys in pdf format here. This file contains all of the different versions of the paper. Each paper contains 6 multiple-choice questions with two options. You are instructed to select only four multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from a list. Take a look at some examples of multiple-choice questions from the Urdu paper Grade 3. Manage the paper in accordance with your requirements.

SBA Grade 3 urdu medium objectives:

SBA Grade 3 urdu medium Subjective:

School-Based Assessment of Mathematics Paper 2023:

English Medium Urdu Medium
Answer KeysAnswer Keys
Subjective Subjective
School Based Assessment of Mathematics
SBA Islamiat Paper 2023:

SBA Islamiyat paper download here with Ans keys:

English Medium Urdu Medium
Answer KeysAnswer Keys
Subjective KeysAns Keys
SBA Islamiat Paper 2023

School-Based Assessment Ethics Paper 2023:

SBA School Based Assessment, You might also be interested in downloading the School-based assessment papers for the following classes.

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