School-Based Assessment PEC Report Card 2022 Download Pdf

School-Based Assessment PEC Report Card 2022 Download Pdf. School-based assessment 2022 pdf. SBA 2022 grade 1-8 pdf. School based assessment 2022 model paper. School based assessment 2022 grade 5-8 model paper. PEC item bank 2022. PEC item bank system 2022.

You can get the PEC report card for SBA 2022 in pdf format. In Urdu and English, the Punjab Examination Commission sends out a report card for students in grades 1 to 8 in the state of Punjab. The report card shows how well the students did. Each student will get a grade on their report card in 2022, when the school-based exam is over. In each subject, each child’s grade is written down in full on their report cards. They’ll say something from a student who is in charge of the class.

PEC Report Card for the Year 2022 in PDF:

It’s possible to get two different kinds of PEC report cards on the PEC site. A public or government school is the first to go. The second one is for private schools, not public ones. You can see your report card if you choose the right school status from the dropdown menu. If you want to know how well your school did this year, you can look at your PEC report card for the 2022 SBA. In the beginning, teachers will be able to make online report cards from the PEC site. PEC result card 2022 has been downloaded. Fill in the blanks with the options shown below, then print out the card.

  • Name of School
  • District
  • Candidate Father Name
  • B-Form Number
  • Class Roll Number
  • Section
  • Date of Birth
SubjectTotal MarksObtained Marks
Social Study100
General Knowledge100
Teaching of Quran100
PEC 2022 Report Card

You can see this report card for students from grades 1 through 8. It also includes students in Nursery school. For this reason, all elementary and secondary schools use the same report card, which means they all get the same grade. Always print the report card in colour if possible. Grade all of the papers, and then write the grades on your report card when you’re done. To put the envelope together, put the names of the school’s principal and the head of the class on the envelope. After that, hand over the original results card to the parents of the children you’re taking.

SBA Papers 2022 Downloaded PDF:

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