Sindh Jobs Past Papers MCQs For SPSC, FPSC, STS IBA, NTS, PTS

Sindh Jobs Past Papers MCQs For SPSC, FPSC, STS IBA, NTS, PTS. The Sindh Jobs MCQs Book includes coverage of a variety of topics, including up-to-date events, general knowledge, daily science, as well as categories for spsc jobs, fpsc jobs, sts iba jobs, and pts jobs,Sindh Jobs Past Papers MCQs.

Sindh Education previous papers MCQs with answer keys for all positions:

Read some books on the internet to get ready for any of the several types of jobs available in Sindh. Sindh Jobs Past Papers MCQs, Each MCQ was created using information gleaned from Sindh’s past job applications.

Here are some Sample MCQs from this book.

The house is large is quite old-fashioned.
(A) and
(B) or
(C) which
(D) but✔✔

The man you met is an anchorperson.
(A) who
(B) whose
(C) whom✔✔
(D) which
On leaving the shopping plaza, Sanam was robbed purse.
(A) by her
(B) by hers
(C) of her✔✔
(D) of hers
Which chemical is known as ‘King of chemicals’?
A: Caustic Soda B: Nitrous Oxide
C: Sulphuric acid ✔✔
D: Plaster of Paris
Which chemical is known as ‘Lifeblood of industries’?
A: Calcium carbonate B: Sodium bicarbonate C: Washing Soda
D: Sulphuric acid✔✔
The largest museum in the world is
(A) Vatican Museums
(B) State Hermitage Museum
(C) Louvre Museum✔✔ in France
(D) National Museum of China

Other MCQs:

President Donald Trump was the presidential nominee of the

(A) Democratic Party
(B) Republican Party✔✔
(C) Libertarian Party
(D) Green Party
Secretary general United Nations Antonio Guterres belongs to
(A) United States
(B) Portugal✔✔
(C) Czech Republic
(D) Germany
The 2020 Olympics will be held in
(A) London
(B) Doha
(C) Tokyo✔✔
(D) Beijing
The Nobel Peace Prize 2018 was awarded to ?
(A) Denis Mukwege
(B) Nadia Murad
(C) Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad:✔✔
(D) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
The opening match in FIFA World Cup 2018 was between Russia and
(A) Argentina
(B) Germany
(C) Qatar
(D) Saudi Arabia✔✔
How many countries have successfully detonated nuclear weapons?
A: 0
B: 3
C: 5
D: 8✔✔
Which from the following country has not yet detonated nuclear weapons?
A: India
B: Pakistan
C: South Korea✔✔ D: North Korea
JAXA is the space agency of A: United States
B: Russia
C: Japan✔✔
D: United Kingdom

Taksim Square is in A: Cairo
B: Istanbul✔✔ C: Tripoli
D: Damascus
The 2018’s meeting of World Economic forum was held in ?
A: New York B: London
C: Davos✔✔ D: Berlin
The headquarter of Transparency International is located in ?
A: New York

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