Solved MCQs, Short Long ICS Computer Chapter 1 Part 2

Solved MCQs, Short Long ICS Computer Chapter 1 Part 2. The First Chapter of the ICS Computer Multiple choice questions, short and lengthy questions, all taken from previous exams. Notes for the second year of computer science, as specified by the ALP Smart Syllabus 2021. Excellent marks on the computer model papers for the 12th class.

MCQs for ICS Computer Chapter 1:

ICS Computer science unit wise solved previous papers Multiple choice questions. The Punjab and Federal Boards have provided us with these multiple choice questions.

AJ&K Boards’ previous examination papers These notes also feature multiple choice questions (MCQs). Check out the list of Boards that the prior papers used for the MCQs came from.

Sahiwal Board Multan Board
Bahawalpur Board D.G Khan Board
Faisalabad Board Sargodha Board Lahore Board
Rawalpindi Board Gujranwala Board

Short Questions for 2nd Year Computer Unit 1:

All of the quick questions included in these notes are quite significant. Because these quick questions have been compiled from previous iterations of the ICS part 2 exam. These questions were compiled from the Punjab and Federal boards.

Take a look at some example questions pertaining to the first chapter from the accelerated learning programme curriculum for the year 2021.

Why is the structure of files so crucial in the creation of databases? Please provide two arguments, and elaborate on each.
What do you mean when you say Dictionary? What are the uses of the Dictionary in the database?

The following are the 12th Computer Unit 1 Extended Questions:

In DBMS, how do you go about creating a table or relation?
How would you describe the different sorts of files in your own words?

Notes for the Computer Unit Can Be Downloaded Here:

Below is a full set of the computer chapter 1 notes that have been provided for you.

You are also able to get the entire Book notes for a second-year computing course here, including all of the chapters. Click to download the full book notes including multiple choice, long, and short questions.

Please go here to obtain the 2nd-year Computer chapter-wise solved Exercise if that is what you are searching for. You may also consider this site for multiple choice questions about online computer preparation.

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