Stars Academy English Vocabulary Pdf Download 2022

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Stars Academy Vocabulary English 2022:

For mdcat and ecat entry test preparation, you may download or read English Vocabulary Stars Academy 2020 in pdf format.

CREDENTIALS (N, V)      vet, certificates,   disapproval, refusal diplomas, documents approve, allow
The commissioner presented his credentials to the State Department.

CAPACIOUS   big, large, sizeable, small,     squeezed, tiny, generous, roomy, cramped, commodious, spacious, ample,
The rugged and capacious air frame offers plenty of scope for civ Han operators.
COLLIDED WITH differ, diverge, disagree, retreat, stop, surrender, clash, tap, aid, assist, halt, help, let go, lose,
Last night a cargo ship collided with a tanker carrying crude oil.

CONFRONT vex, irritate, exasperate, evade, surrender, yield, strain, stress, face, beset, back down, avoid, dodge,harass, worry, oppress, annoy,
When confronting (face, tackle, undertake) the enigma (puzzle, riddle, problem) of the Chinese planet

COMPELLED impel, drive, press, push, discourage, halt, leave urge, pressure, alone, stop, block, dissuade
I am not to be compelled to dig the man’s grave.
CRUDELY   inexpertly, artlessly

In practice there was one big obstacle: in its crude form penicillin was unstable
COAXED   seduce, lure, entice, repel, repulse, turn off, tempt, inveigle, woo, disenchant, disgust,

maneuver, persuade, discourage, wheedle, cajole, beguile, flatter

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