Stars Academy MDCAT Test Motion and Force Physics

Stars Academy MDCAT Test Motion and Force Physics . The motion and force examination was carried out in 2022 by the Stars Academy of Lahore. The MDCAT Physics unit-wise tests will take place in Sessions 2022. The answer keys are included with the examinations. These examinations are based on the NUMS 2021–2022 curriculum.

Force and Motion MCQs:

Some sample Multiple choice questions from motion and force test by stars academy Lahore in 2022.

The correct statement from the following is
A) A body having zero velocity will not necessarily navC zero acceleration
B) TA body having zero velocity will necessarily have zero acceleration
C) A body having uniform speed can have only uniform acceleration
D) A body having non-uniform velocity will have zero acceleration

At what launching angle the horizontal range of a projectile becomes equal
A) 30°
B) 60°
C) 45°
D) 76°

A body under the action of several forces will have zero acceleration
A) When the body’is very light
B) When the body is very heavy
C) hen the body is a point body

When the vector sum of all the forces acting on it is zero to its maximum height
The acceleration of a moving body can be
A) Area under velocity-time graph
B)”Slope”of the velocity-time graph
C) The initial velocity of the particle is 10 m i

particle in 5th secondof its motion is
A) 1 m
B) SO m found from
C) Area under distance-time graph
D) Slope of distance-time graph

A heavy steel ball of mass greater than 1 Icc, moving with a speed of 2 ms”‘
stationary ping-pong ball of mass less than 0.1 gm. The collision is elastic.
pong ball moves approximately with speed V i “\/2 ‘
A) 2 ms”‘
B) 2 “10′ ms”‘
D) 2 ” 10′ ms-

A neutron, moving with a velocity of v, collides elastically with a stationary
of alpha particle after collision is: ‘
A) vIS C) -3v/5
B) v/3 D) 2v/5
C) ‘ 2( at l

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