STC KSA Ziyara 40 & 70 Packages for Visitors

STC KSA Ziyara 40 & 70 Packages for Visitors. Sawa Ziyara is ready to assist you in any way she can if you are located in Saudi Arabia and are interested in making use of an incredible service offered by STC. Visitors visiting the Kingdom now have the ability, due to the STC Ziyara packages, to connect with their friends and family back home as well as elsewhere in the world.

It’s essentially a prepaid SIM card that comes with two additional bundles that may be turned on to receive further discounts. I will offer you with a comprehensive rundown of these bundles, including information on the pricing of the sim card and the package, activation codes, internet data, call and SMS rates, validity, and other relevant details. Let’s look at these tourism plans for Ziyara right now, shall we? There are also other deals available from STC; you might consider looking into them.

Ziyara Sawa (The Basic Package):

A prepaid SIM card with the most fundamental pay-as-you-go plan can be purchased for as little as SAR 34.50 (including 15% VAT), depending on the provider. This implies that the SIM card will be activated with a default plan that has the following pricing associated with it:

  • Sawa Sim: STC Ziyara.
  • Local calls: SAR 0.55/minute.
  • 0.55 SR will be charged per minute for international calls.
  • SMS sent within the STC network will cost SAR 0.25 per message.
  • SMS sent to other networks will cost $0.35 per message.
  • SAR 0.35 will be charged for each international SMS message.
  • Easynet costs SAR 2.00 per megabyte.

Package STC Ziyara 40:

Check out the Sawa Ziyara 40 package if you have a prepaid STC Ziyara sim card and are looking for a plan that gives you internet data as well as a certain number of minutes that may be used either locally or internationally for a whole month. The following is a list of the specs for the STC Ziyara 40 package:

  • Package: Sawa Ziyara 40.
  • Price: SAR 40.00.
  • Validity: 4 weeks.
  • Internet data: 3GB.
  • STC WiFi data: 3GB.
  • The remaining amount for international calls is SAR 5.00.
  • Local minutes: 20 free local minutes.
  • Text the number “6705” to 900 to receive the activation code.

Ziyara 70 STC Package:

If you want to remain in Saudi Arabia for an extended amount of time and desire more data, minutes, and the ability to make local and international calls, the STC Ziyara 70 package is the best option for you. It is a visitor package that contains enough additional materials to meet their needs. The following information is contained within the Sawa Ziyara 70 bundle:

  • Package: STC Ziyara 70.
  • Price: SAR 70.00.
  • Validity: 4 weeks.
  • Internet data: 10GB.
  • STC WiFi data: 10GB.
  • The remaining amount for international calls is SAR 10.00.
  • Local minutes: 45 free local minutes.
  • Text the number “6706” to 900 to receive the activation code.

If you purchase any of the aforementioned packages, you will be given a free credit of 20 SAR that may be used for a variety of purposes including local and international phone calls, text messaging, and internet surfing. In addition, you will receive 100 MB of free data and 60 minutes to use to call other Ziyara lines inside the Kingdom. A sim card may be obtained at any of the STC locations in the neighborhood.

Validity of STC Ziyara Sim:

STC KSA Ziyara 40 & 70 Packages for Visitors. After being purchased and activated, a sim card will be functional for a period of one hundred twenty days before it is automatically deactivated. Keep in mind that you may prolong the time your sim card is active by recharging it. You are required to purchase a new prepaid STC sim card, however, if you plan on remaining in the country for a long amount of time.

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