STC Net Bundles Subscribe Just One Time

STC Net Bundles Subscribe Just One Time. STC network provider gives services to its user with daily and weekly and monthly packages social packages what’s up Facebook packages etc. Also, other packages are available as users can effort it.

A Whole Day Bundle Offer:

A whole-day bundle of the internet is available users can use this brand offer as they want to use it.

Unlimited 1 day23 SR for one subscription 
Unlimited 2 Two days40.25 SR for one subscription 
A Whole Day Bundle Offer

Weekly Bundle Offer:

A whole week’s offer to use the internet fully freedom. STC Net Bundles Subscribe Just One Time, Users can use a Week to achieve this bundle offer.

Package TimePrice
Unlimited 1 week97.75 SR for one subscription 
Unlimited 2 weeks189.75 SR for one subscription 
Weekly Bundle Offer

Social Bundle Offer:

STC company provides a humble offer to its user with a social bundle offer.

10GB Social media PackageOne month80.5 SR for one subscription
20GB Social media PackageOne month91 SR for one subscription
100 GB Social media PackageOne month138 SAR for one subscription
Social Bundle Offer

One-Month Bundle Offer:

A one-month package bundle offer STC provides to its customers.

1GB Internet PackageOne month34.5 SR for one subscription 
2GB internet package
One month57.5 SR for one subscription 
5GB Internet PackageOne month86.25 SR for one subscription 
10GB Internet PackageOne month109.25 SR for one subscription 
40GB internet packageOne month138 SR for one subscription 
One-Month Bundle Offer

Rules & Regulations:

  • includes 1 to 10 GB for one month bundle
  • The bundle once active cannot be deactivated
  • To activate bundle method/way below:
  • Download App -mystic app
  • visit the STC branch
  • or call 900
  • sms to 2999 to 900 subscribe

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